(sē′nə-mī′, sĭn′ə-mī′)
A lustrous, loosely woven fabric made from abaca fibers, used especially in making ribbons, baskets, and hats.

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Joanne Alliston, a Canadian expat, has zeroed in on what she wants: a silver Michaela Louisa outfit with a silver Snoxell sinamay hat and a pair of matching wedges.
Match the season Wool and felt hats are to be worn from September to February, and straw and sinamay hats ought to be worn from March to August.
Deepsand gF ootstepsinthesand- Sinamay Trevor Hemmings 21134-6 RPR82OR78 Wasatouchdisappointing over1m2fonhis reappearance lastmonthbutIranhimover thewrongtripandonthe wrongground-itwastoo soft.
Black and natural stripe sinamay hat edged with feathers and trimmed with a centre bow by milliner-to-the-Queen Rachel Trevor Morgan THRIVING BUSINESS Carol Foster from Get Ahead Hats in Blanchland, which she opened back in 2001 VIENNA by Aurora.
Three metres of specialist millinery wire and buckram is used for the foundation of the hat and sinamay has been used to create the iconic Liverpool buildings which sit atop the River Mersey across the wide brimmed.
Other popular materials are satins, sinamay fabrics, net and stones.
He mixes traditional materials such as felt and sinamay with contemporary materials like latex, plastic and metallic leather.
Nowadays a natural fabric called Sinamay - made from banana plants in the Philippines - is the main fabric used in the construction of hats.
The most popular thing used to manufacture them these days is a hat fabric called Sinamay which is very ecological as it is made from dried banana leaves.
Featured products are made of one type or a combination of materials, including Manila hemp, capiz, sinamay, raffia, silk, satin, galvanized iron and resin.