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Adv.1.sincerely yours - written formula for ending a letter
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The first tenant, Sincerely Yours Bridal, is scheduled to open by end of this year.
La Tavola's event will star Dame Vera's musical 'double' - 51-year-old Jeanette Kingdon - one half of a mother-and-daughter act Sincerely Yours, a name taken from the musical legend's wartime radio programme and first album title.
2 Record labels named after The Embassy songs (The Tough Alliance's Sincerely Yours and Studio's Information)
Close examination reveals not only the techniques but also, in canvases including Sincerely Yours (all works 2008), "other" paintings lurking below like traces of a palimpsest, and, in Stritch and Boy Wonder, passages worked on, then covered while the broader area was painted, and then exposed again, creating contrasting textures and palettes.
The CPU in Manchester, a city of about 54,000 near Hartford, is run by the Full Gospel Interdenominational Church through a business titled Sincerely Yours.
Sincerely yours on behalf of the Huddersfield Faithful
With assurance of prayers and cordial best wishes, I remain, Sincerely yours in Christ, Monsignor Giovanni Carru, Under-Secretary, Congregation for the Clergy.
Heat 8 1 In The Bag, 2 Sincerely Yours, 3 Express Smasher, 4 Lady Spinner, 5 Elouisa, 6 Go Getemgirl
Dame Vera rose to fame in 1940 with radio show Sincerely Yours, sending messages to troops abroad.
Sincerely Yours Bay Spa & Salon (3401 West Airport Freeway, 972-252-7355).
With cordial best wishes I remain Sincerely yours in Christ, Rev.