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v. sang (săng) or sung (sŭng), sung, sing·ing, sings
1. Music
a. To utter a series of words or sounds in musical tones.
b. To vocalize songs or selections.
c. To perform songs or selections as a trained or professional singer.
d. To produce sounds when played: made the violin sing.
a. To make melodious sounds: birds singing outside the window.
b. To give or have the effect of melody; lilt.
3. To make a high whining, humming, or whistling sound.
4. To be filled with a buzzing or ringing sound.
a. To proclaim or extol something in verse.
b. To write poetry.
6. Slang To give information or evidence against someone.
1. Music
a. To produce the musical sound of: sang a love song.
b. To utter with musical inflections: She sang the message.
c. To bring to a specified state by singing: sang the baby to sleep.
2. To intone or chant (parts of the Mass, for example).
3. To proclaim or extol, especially in verse: sang his praises.
n. Music
A gathering of people for group singing.
Phrasal Verb:
sing out
To call out loudly.

[Middle English singen, from Old English singan; see sengwh- in Indo-European roots.]

sing′a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.singable - suitable for singing; "singable melody is the essence of music"- Winthrop Sargeant
musical - characteristic of or resembling or accompanied by music; "a musical speaking voice"; "a musical comedy"


adjsangbar (geh); that tune is (not/very) singablediese Melodie lässt sich (nicht/sehr) gut singen
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Poet Gwyneth Glyn has adapted the script into a libretto that is both singable while true to the original script.
Throughout, Martin is unafraid to write shapely, singable vocal lines for his cast, and in Miami, no one failed to do them justice.
Conductor/composer Lydia Adams has crafted a beautiful, eminently singable arrangement of this haunting yet celebratory melody.
His songs are eminently singable, and, even in the most challenging selections in both Eight Early Songs and Songs of Wonderment and Love, the overall effect is one of effortlessness.
Clearly structured and rewardingly singable (one could imagine small choral societies embracing its manageability), and enthusiastically performed by Vass's newly-formed chamber choir (who occasionally had to work hard to be heard), it fell as easily on the ear as anything from the last 30 years.
Aprile deftly argues that the subtle changes that have occurred over the evolutionary history of "We Shall Overcome" often amount to "musical gentrification," removing the evidence of distinctive black idioms for the purpose of making the song more "broadly" singable (p.
Apter and Herman discuss translating singable lyrics for performance, creating translated texts meant to be sung to the same music composed for the original--or only minimally changed--for audiences who usually lack any other linguistic access to the texts.
The musical was a smash hit in 1960 and generated a lot of singable songs, including "Where Is Love" and "Food, Glorious Food.
They boast catchy hooks and choruses which are eminently singable in the moment, but which I suspect won't have anywhere near the longevity of those classic, mostly 80s, numbers.
However, the fact that full words, staff notation, and recorded tunes are available means that the songs are singable and the four fiddle tunes are playable.
Joe Hill, meanwhile, brought a talent to its ranks that was widely appreciated: He had a knack for parodying the popular songs of the day with injections of humor and topical commentary, knowing full well that a singable verse or three could serve as a far more potent means of fanning the flames of discontent than a turgid pamphlet.