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Noun1.singalong - informal group singing of popular songs
singing, vocalizing - the act of singing vocal music
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The best and grandest Christmas singalong will feature the world premiere of two carols written by young ECHO readers.
But the Paisley-born star was thrilled when asked to leave his piano behind and host the first singalong version of The Sound Of Music to be screened in Salzburg, Austria, where it was filmed.
Pringle said he was also trying to raise money for the tree project through the SingAlong America show.
While most of the album sticks to the tried and tested - Where The Lines Overlap boasts shameless stadium singalong "I've got a feeling that if I sang this loud enough, you would sing it back to me" - the closing three tracks offer greater interest.
We would have a singalong to the music, although I admit it was after midnight sometimes.
SINGALONG Kids join entertainer Donald Swan in 1982.
Two Heads was like a camp fire cowboy singalong while love song 2129 switched to religious lyrics.
Detlev Jockler is huge in Germany and pupils at Lidderdale infant and nursery school in Wavertree enjoyed a singalong in German.
Kind of a ``Rocky Horror''-like experience, the singalong allows hard- core fans to gather in a theater and chime in with familiar dialogue and song lyrics.
Twenty years later, the feelgood album that brought us the song still does the business, and the likes of the title track, Same Ol' Situation and raunchy She Goes Down are still part of the band's live singalong set.
The three-day event will include live musical presentations all day Saturday by various church groups and individuals and a ``Messiah'' singalong from 5 to 7 p.
The study was commissioned to mark Sing Up's new School Trip Singalong, which will see them partner seven UK attractions to help bring history to life.