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Noun1.single shell - a shell for a single oarsman
racing shell, shell - a very light narrow racing boat
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We practice a sovereign right of self-defense and we will continue to fight terrorism wherever it is found on Syrian soil," he affirmed, adding that the Syrian government reserves the full right to retaliate against armed terrorist groups if they target civilians with even a single shell.
Speaking for the first time since receiving the Legion D'Honneur, Reg, 96, told his incredible story - including the time he took out two German tanks with a single shell.
After its completion in 2020, the facility will employ 200 workers to develop and produce the Monocell chassis (a single piece carbon fiber chassis as found in its Super Series models, such as the 650S) and the Monocage chassis (or single shell, as found in the 570S).
If even a single shell is fired into the territory in which the sovereignty of the DPRK is exercised, the bases of aggression and provocation will be reduced to such debris that no living thing can be found.
The discovery first started when one of his assistants noticed that the two stars in the system shared an atmosphere, much like 'two peanuts sharing a single shell.
Instead of a single shell (monocoque)--or full skeleton--semi-monocoque construction uses a partial skeleton to reinforce the airframe's skin in critical areas, but the skin supports most of the aerodynamic load, further reinforced by internal bulkheads, bracing or stringers.
The DT series of connectors are general-purpose solutions that allow designers to use multiple size 16 contacts within a single shell, each with 13A continuous capacity.
Whereas lamellibranch bivalves typically have siphons or highly modified, siphon-like portions of the mantle tissue edge and a pair of shell valves to direct water into the mantle cavity and to adjust the rate of inflow, calyptraeid gastropods have no siphons and only a single shell valve.
QTS Italy's dispensers are built with the original Tris solution which changes one single shell into three different dispensers, namely: interleaved hand towels, jumbo toilet roll, and interleaved toilet paper.
QTS Italy's products are designed with an original Tris technology, which changes one single shell into three different dispensers, boasting saved time, space and cost.
Joordens' team identified a single shell thought to have been decorated by H.
In the July 16 action a large number of the battalion were wounded including on one occasion 21 soldiers being hit by a single shell blast.