single-breasted jacket

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Noun1.single-breasted jacket - a jacket having fronts that overlap only enough for a single row of buttons
jacket - a short coat
single-breasted suit - a suit having a single-breasted jacket
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Notably, after years of dominance of the single-breasted jacket, the double-breasted jacket has made a comeback - it's long and slim with eight buttons, and not at all restrictive.
The single-breasted jacket features signature peak lapel, three pockets, contrast buttonholes and a double-back vent, ensuring a refined, contemporary look while the electric blue colourway taps into the more striking colour trends of the season.
A favorite of designer Busch is the concierge uniform at 3 Hanover Square, described as "cutting edge," with a black, single-breasted jacket, with a bright yellow tie.
The jacket was a moderately common herringbonestyle, single-breasted jacket.
If you want to look slimmer, a single-breasted jacket is better STATEMENT ACCESSORIES Shoes, jewellery, belts and handbags add the finishing touch to any outfit, so don''t forget about them .
Madeline found a single-breasted jacket in the Marks & Spencer Performance range which was shower resistant and a wool and Lycra blend for comfort.
The polyester black, single-breasted jacket and trousers marked the start of a new range of Smartprice clothing under Asda's George label.
I really like the single-breasted jacket with the brown suit and the overall look is quite funky and modern," says Michael.
Pinstripes bring a touch of elegance to a simple suit and there is an easy to wear single-breasted jacket and trousers two-piece to double up for a formal or casual occasion.
Cummerbunds: Worn with pleats facing up (originally designed to hold theater tickets, and often referred to as crumb-catchers), worn with a single-breasted jacket.

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