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Noun1.single-breasted suit - a suit having a single-breasted jacket
single-breasted jacket - a jacket having fronts that overlap only enough for a single row of buttons
suit, suit of clothes - a set of garments (usually including a jacket and trousers or skirt) for outerwear all of the same fabric and color; "they buried him in his best suit"
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He then pulled up the sleeve of his navy wool single-breasted suit to display the single-needle French stitching on the seam of his shirt sleeve.
Despite his best intentions, he would speak bluntly, his pallid face rendered paler by his grey, single-breasted suit.
But on Monday night he'll stop short of pulling on a pair of brothel creepers and dusting down a bright red single-breasted suit before greeting Craig Levein and Csaba Laszlo with a hearty "Hullawrerr, Chinas
The machine-washable, black, single-breasted suit is on sale now.
Single-breasted suit (pounds 199); shirt and tie (pounds 18); belt (pounds 12); shoes (pounds 45).
Healthy sales in linen are also reported at Cecil Gee, with a two button single-breasted suit in white cream and black retailing for pounds 150 for a jacket and trousers at pounds 65.
And for men, a Ralph Lauren single-breasted suit is down from pounds 550 to only pounds 270 and V2 black leatherette jeans are reduced to pounds 60 from pounds 95.
Actor SHEMAR MOORE strikes a pose in a trendy five-button, single-breasted suit with flap pockets and striped shirt and tie.
Grey high twist single-breasted suit, pounds 495, white shirt with cutaway collar, pounds 55, white cotton handkerchief, pounds 2, and grey and navy woven tie, pounds 49.
The most fundamental business outfit for a man is a navy blue, single-breasted suit, a white cotton shirt, a navy print tie and black lace-up shoes.
The single-breasted suit is well-tailored, and the extra roping on the shoulder construction adds continental elegance.

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