single-cell protein

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sin·gle-cell protein

n. Abbr. SCP
A protein extracted from cultured algae, yeasts, or bacteria and used as a substitute for protein-rich foods, especially in animal feeds.

single-cell protein

(Biochemistry) protein that is produced by micro-organisms fermenting in liquid or gaseous petroleum fractions or other organic substances: used as a food supplement. Abbreviation: SCP
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Analyzed nutrient composition of fish meal and single-cell proteins (Prosin and Protide) (as-fed basis) Item (%) Fish Prosin (2) Protide (2) meal (1) DM 88.
Single-cell protein (SCP) refers to the dried cells of microorganisms such as yeasts, bacteria, fungi and microalgae, grown in large-scale culture systems for use as protein sources in human food or animal feed (Zepka et al.
One of the approaches is the use of single-cell proteins produced by recycling of industrial wastes (Moo-Young and Chahal, 1979; Moo-Young et al.

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