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Of, relating to, or concerned with a single public issue, especially a controversial one, to the exclusion of all other issues: single-issue politics.
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The Wellbeing approach will go beyond looking at single-issue healthy lifestyle services and a focus on illness, and instead aims to take a whole-person and community approach to improving health (Liverpool PHO, 2010).
The report notes that as more foundations turn to "strategic" philanthropy to improve effectiveness and evaluation, there has been a corresponding preference for directing grants to organizations working on grantmaker's single-issue of choice.
Nikki Sinclaire has joined forces with fellow Europhobes like former Apprentice star Katie Hopkins to launch the single-issue party in time for the 2014 European Elections.
It is high time that a single-issue so called political party like Llais Gwynedd are put in its place, and this certainly will happen next May.
Although Crossed previously questioned what she saw as a narrow, single-issue focus of prolife activists, this woman dispelled that impression.
Established in 1972, Thompson produces over 300 subscription-based handbooks, newsletters, reference services, single-issue publications and online resources covering laws and regulatory mandates for professionals in the human resource, education, government grants and banking fields.
Leftwing Democrats are once again fielding single-issue 'peace candidates.
Commons Leader Jack Straw warned yesterday of the danger of capping donations to political parties - saying it could lead to undue influence being wielded by single-issue pressure groups.
Some Chatsworth Neighborhood Council leaders fear a single-issue takeover by a school slate that they contend does not want to play by all the rules.
While readers would forget the details about the ridings, they would absorb what counted: "hardline" religious right; "hidden agenda"; single-issue "people;" "religious zealots," all implying a true threat to Canadian democracy.
But as budgets eroded, health departments tended to become much more focused on narrow issues, largely because funding has tended to target single-issue programs such as pest control or lead hazards.
Board candidates who are primarily anchored in single-issue causes are not likely to be legitimate representatives of a broader group of shareholders.