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Of, relating to, or concerned with a single public issue, especially a controversial one, to the exclusion of all other issues: single-issue politics.
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Over 20 years of polling data finds that less than one-fifth of voters identify as single-issue voters on the abortion issue.
A single-issue model might list the all of the locations where the model will be used (geographic areas or business units) on one axis, and then list the various risk factors (Anti-kickback Statute analysis, relevant OIG Advisory Opinions, industry norms, etc.
The Wellbeing approach will go beyond looking at single-issue healthy lifestyle services and a focus on illness, and instead aims to take a whole-person and community approach to improving health (Liverpool PHO, 2010).
Although single-issue, Cystrategic' philanthropy promises greater efficiency and accountability in the near term, it also threatens to undermine broader goals such as diversity, coalition-building and creating social capital," Michael Brune, executive director of Sierra Club, said in a statement accompanying the report.
Nikki Sinclaire has joined forces with fellow Europhobes like former Apprentice star Katie Hopkins to launch the single-issue party in time for the 2014 European Elections.
It is high time that a single-issue so called political party like Llais Gwynedd are put in its place, and this certainly will happen next May.
Although Crossed previously questioned what she saw as a narrow, single-issue focus of prolife activists, this woman dispelled that impression.
Established in 1972, Thompson produces over 300 subscription-based handbooks, newsletters, reference services, single-issue publications and online resources covering laws and regulatory mandates for professionals in the human resource, education, government grants and banking fields.
Commons Leader Jack Straw warned yesterday of the danger of capping donations to political parties - saying it could lead to undue influence being wielded by single-issue pressure groups.
Some Chatsworth Neighborhood Council leaders fear a single-issue takeover by a school slate that they contend does not want to play by all the rules.
While readers would forget the details about the ridings, they would absorb what counted: "hardline" religious right; "hidden agenda"; single-issue "people;" "religious zealots," all implying a true threat to Canadian democracy.
But as budgets eroded, health departments tended to become much more focused on narrow issues, largely because funding has tended to target single-issue programs such as pest control or lead hazards.