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Adj.1.single-lane - (of roads) having a single lane for traffic in both directions; when vehicles meet one must pull off the road to let the other pass
multilane - (of roads and highways) having two or more lanes for traffic
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But last week the roundabout reverted back to single-lane measures for a temporary period, with delays of up to 40 minutes reported at peak times.
It aims to first allow more cars to manage single-lane driving by themselves, and subsequently navigate urban roads, including intersections, by 2020.
Contract notice: Compliant simulation of the traffic flow on single-lane country roads.
The single-lane exit has particularly proved inadequate lately with many residents having moved to new residential developments alongside the Al Ain road.
NOT WELCOMING Motorists travelling on the A1 are stuck in single-lane traffic.
MUSCAT: Ibri-Fahud single-lane road stretch is risky for driving, said Shauakat Hassan Al Belushi, the Omani driver of the ill-fated bus, which met with an accident on Tuesday.
2011, single-lane, alternating traffic will be directed through the widened portion of the existing bridge while the southbound lane of the new bridge is under construction.
Expect intermittent daytime single-lane closures throughout the week.
The North East has just 36 miles of motorway, while 90 per cent of roads in the South West, a popular tourist destination, are single-lane.
We are moving from single-lane roads in the sky to multilane air highways.
And I will not miss that one narrow single-lane curving ramp that connects the eastbound Pasadena Freeway to the 5 northbound.
The main bottleneck was due to single-lane restrictions as traffic headed west through the Penmaenbach tunnel.