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Noun1.single-leaf - pinon of southwestern United States having solitary needles and often many stemssingle-leaf - pinon of southwestern United States having solitary needles and often many stems; important as a nut pine
nut pine - any of several pinons bearing edible nutlike seeds
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Wood doors / doorframes,approx 35 pieces single-leaf fire and / or soundproof doors with steel frames,Widths of about 0.
The original 2-leaf rear sight has been replaced by a Lyman, folding, adjustable, single-leaf model.
In recent years, Hartburn Parish Council has asked the county council to erect a barrier because of concerns that another vehicle would go through the single-leaf bridge and into the burn 20ft below.
Along top and bottom of single-leaf rows, cut out triangular notches and depress slightly.
If you are forced to remove them, but would like to plant related yet more controllable species, consider these: peppermint eucalyptus (Eucalyptus nicholii), 'Bloodgood' sycamore (Platanusacerifolia) and single-leaf pinyon pine (Pinus monophylla).
They can range in size from small, single-leaf (one-cover) models which accommodate a single person at a time to extra-large, double-leaf (two-cover) models designed to handle large pieces of equipment.
The Acterra's new front suspension incorporates single-leaf springs as standard equipment Taper-leaf suspensions are available in a range of capacities from 8,000 to 18,000 pounds.
Company offers a range of doors for the food industry ranging from single-leaf vertical doors that are manually operated to high-speed, bi-parting, double-leaf power doors.
Other features include an electric single-leaf entry door with enclosed steps, stand-up headroom and an 18" walk-through center aisle for easy-access boarding.
The single-leaf print in the late-medieval and early modern periods has been under-researched in the past, but it is a form of publication which was used in many different contexts from the fifteenth century onwards and which was extremely important in transmitting a wide variety of information and ideas to a varied public.
Delivery of 13 diesel-standard buses Low Entry (12 m) in front with a single-leaf door or double-wing inward-swinging door and rear double-wing inward-swinging doors; each to backdoor two podium free.
What's curious to me about the rear sight on the Model 9410 is why it isn't a fold-down model -- a single-leaf, adjustable sight that can be folded down for shot shells, and raised for shooting slugs or buckshot.

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