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Producing, carrying, or powered by a single alternating voltage.


(Electrical Engineering) (of a system, circuit, or device) having, generating, or using a single alternating voltage


of or designating an electrical circuit having an alternating current with one phase.
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Contract award: delivery of fully electronic single-phase meter with a smaller gauge for direct connection with the recognition of manipulations.
There are three major types of PV inverters: microinverters, single-phase inverters and three-phase inverters.
On Sunday, the Supreme Leader underlined that Iran would never accept a bad agreement with the world powers, adding that the country is in favor of a single-phase comprehensive deal which would respect the Iranian nation's inalienable rights and entail all details.
The move would see Murch Junior School discontinued, and a new single-phase primary school created across the two sites under a single governing body and head teacher.
The Larson Electronics' Magnalight MGS-DC-30KVA-480-220-110 heavy duty power distribution substation safely converts single-phase or three-phase 480 VAC electrical current to single phase 120 VAC and 240 VAC.
The 1- and 2-horsepower units can be operated on a 115-volt single-phase electrical source, while the 3- and 5-horsepower compressors require at least a 230-volt single-phase source.
model is available in a 10-hp, single-phase or 15-hp, 3-phase version.
The instruments are powered from a single-phase electrical supply, are entirely air-cooled and are said to feature the latest testing technologies, including a t-slot table for flexible test setups, electrically-operated crosshead lifts and a host of other user-orientated features.
Unusual for single-phase models, Motan says, they have brushless motors and soft start for longer life.
The new patents relate to new signal processing techniques used to provide useful measurements of both mass flow and density and the operational aspects of keeping the Coriolis meter running stably in single-phase or two-phase flow conditions, and dynamic transitions between these flow conditions.
This enhanced flow efficiency has also been observed to improve single-phase gas and single-phase liquid flows by reducing pipe wall friction and reducing pressure losses.

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