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Producing, carrying, or powered by a single alternating voltage.


(Electrical Engineering) (of a system, circuit, or device) having, generating, or using a single alternating voltage


of or designating an electrical circuit having an alternating current with one phase.
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Contract award notice: Additional delivery of single-phase, Three-phase direct current meters, Three-phase direct current meters and plc routers with s-fsk modulation.
We present in this paper a Matlab based simulation model to compute current-loading parameters required to demonstrate the performance of a single-phase transformer.
The Model 9801 compact 19-inch half-rack single-phase AC source outputs up to 300 VA and measures AC power characteristics.
There are three major types of PV inverters: microinverters, single-phase inverters and three-phase inverters.
The basic scheme of half-bridge single-phase matrix converter created by two bi-switches and AC voltage divider is shown in Fig.
The move would see Murch Junior School discontinued, and a new single-phase primary school created across the two sites under a single governing body and head teacher.
SolaHD has expanded its SDN-C power supplies family with the SDN 40-24-100C--a 40 A single-phase model--to help customers meet their bulk power supply needs.
Equipped with RER620 Intelligent Electronic Device, the product features single-phase tripping capabilities.
The Larson Electronics' Magnalight MGS-DC-30KVA-480-220-110 heavy duty power distribution substation safely converts single-phase or three-phase 480 VAC electrical current to single phase 120 VAC and 240 VAC.
The 100 mm AC Right Angle Gearmotors are powered by these 115 V, 60 Hz single-phase TEFC permanent split capacitor motors and offered in six standard versions with gear ratios from 5.
115-V, 60-Hz single-phase TEFC permanent split capacitor motors.

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