singular matrix

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Noun1.singular matrix - a square matrix whose determinant is zero
square matrix - a matrix with the same number of rows and columns
nonsingular matrix - a square matrix whose determinant is not zero
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From definition 9 it can be known that the matrix's condition number k(D) [right arrow] [infinity], therefore it can be known that the condition number of the near singular matrix is very large.
The second edition gives more correct definitions of differences in the classification of resonance and nonresonance boundary value problems in the investigation of general Fredholm problems, and adds new sections on the theory of differential-algebraic systems with singular matrix of derivatives, impulsive, and boundary value problems.
When derivative coefficient matrix is singular matrix, we can describe the hypersonic technology systems as descriptor systems.
11] may be close to a singular matrix as well, which may also lead to big numerical problems, in particular when deciding about the rank of N.