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 (sĭn′ĭ-strəl, sĭ-nĭs′trəl)
1. Of or facing the left side.
2. Left-handed.
3. Zoology Relating to or being a gastropod shell that has its aperture to the left when facing the observer with the apex upward.

sin′is·tral·ly adv.


1. (Anatomy) of, relating to, or located on the left side, esp the left side of the body
2. a technical term for left-handed
3. (Zoology) (of the shells of certain gastropod molluscs) coiling in a clockwise direction from the apex
[C15 (in the obsolete sense: adverse, evil); C19 (in current senses): from Medieval Latin sinistrālis. See sinister]
ˈsinistrally adv


(ˈsɪn ə strəl)

1. of, pertaining to, or on the left side; left.
2. having a preference for using the left hand or side; left-handed.
3. (of certain gastropod shells) coiling counterclockwise, as seen from the apex.
Compare dextral.
[1425–75; < Medieval Latin sinistrālis. See sinister, -al1]
sin`is•tral′i•ty, n.
sin′is•tral•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.sinistral - of or on the left; "a sinistral gastropod shell with the apex upward has its opening on the left when facing the observer"; "a sinistral flatfish lies with the left eye uppermost"
anticlockwise, contraclockwise, counterclockwise - in the direction opposite to the rotation of the hands of a clock
left-handed - using or intended for the left hand; "left-handed golfers need left-handed clubs"; "left-handed scissors"
dextral - of or on the right; "a dextral gastropod shell with the apex upward has its opening on the right when facing the observer"; "a dextral flatfish lies with the right eye uppermost"
2.sinistral - preferring to use left foot or hand or eye; "sinistral individuals exhibit dominance of the left hand and eye"
left-handed - using or intended for the left hand; "left-handed golfers need left-handed clubs"; "left-handed scissors"
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The third rostral ridge appears in ontogeny on the outer side in the sinistral element (Fig.
6 earthquake occurred on the NE-SW-trending Edremit Fault (EF) with a sinistral strike-slip character.
Suspeita-se que o referido graben, cujos limites estao marcados no mapa geomorfologico aqui apresentado, tenha origem neotectonica, instalando-se por efeito da reativacao transcorrente sinistral do Mioceno e da distensao NW-SE engendrada, quando a drenagem e seus paleodivisores devem ter se instalado em demanda a um nivel de base regional intermediario ao Atlantico, que ja teria sido estabelecido pelo rio Paraiba do Sul a partir dos eventos tectonicos anteriores.
The cause of the predominantly sinistral occurrence of thrombosis of the pelvic veins.
2009) report even the regional movements 1 - 2 mm/year on faults at southern parts of the Boskovice Furrow, interpreted as sinistral at southern part and dextral in northern part.
Geologists class this as being within the sphere of the sinistral East Anatolian Fault and out of the Levant Fracture System.
Therefore, SVT leads to the increase in splenic outflow via the short gastric and gastroepiploic veins, known as left-sided or sinistral portal hypertension.
The PF consists on a subvertical east dipping normal fault with sinistral strike-slip component affecting Lower-Middle Pleistocene deposits (Silva, 1994).
is a Monogenea with very expressive features such as gonads overlapping, a basally articulated male copulatory organ and accessory piece, a coiled male copulatory organ with counter-clockwise rings, a seminal vesicle formed by a simple dilation of the vas deferens, a ventral bar with a posteromedial projection, expanded hook shanks, a sinistral vaginal aperture, and the absence of eyes.
Multi-visceral resection of pancreatic VIPoma in a patient with sinistral portal hypertension.
Anon once more the gesture then begin; Command sinistral pedestral to writhe.