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1. Geology A chemical sediment or crust, as of porous silica, deposited by a mineral spring.
2. A mass formed by sintering.
v. sin·tered, sin·ter·ing, sin·ters
To cause (metallic powder, for example) to form a coherent mass by heating without melting.
To form a coherent mass by heating without melting.

[German, from Middle High German, dross, metal slag, from Old High German.]

sin′ter·a·bil′i·ty n.
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Adj.1.sintered - formed into a mass by heat and pressure
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Reduction of the secondary operations after the parts are densified and sintered improves costs and offers an alternate to machined wrought products.
When they examined sintered material with a scanning electronic microscope, they found that the smaller nanoparticles in their sample had not actually melted.
A possible explanation is the smaller sintered grain size and more open mesoporous structure achieved using the microwave plasma treatments.
Consequently, this study regards that the pressed samples are sintered in an open atmospheric furnace at different temperatures, specifically 1000, 1100, 1200, and 1300[degrees]C, for 4h under a heating rate of 4[degrees]C/min.
Delafossite CuBO2 powder was prepared by solid state reaction for phase transition and sintered at low temperature range of 100-400 oC.
3m) in the next five years in the expansion of its sintered solutions production site in McConnelsville, the US state of Ohio.
Aiming this material for biomedical applications, this study focused on the effect of verifying sintering temperature with regards to densification, porosity and microstructures of porous sintered titanium composites samples.
Porvair Filtration Group, the specialist filtration and separations group, has reinforced its position as a top sintered porous metal manufacturer with the purchase of Eisenmann Metallurgical LLC, trading as Chand Eisenmann Metallurgical (CEM).
24 January 2014 - US maker of powdered and sintered metal parts Alpha Sintered Metals Inc said it had been acquired by its management team and domestic private equity firm O2 Investment Partners LLC from Cyprium Partners.
Although regular spherical powders were obtained by this approach, it resulted in an unacceptable number of voids in the sintered parts, which reduced part density and strength.