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 (sĭn′yo͞o-ĭt, -āt′)
Having a wavy indented margin, as a leaf.
intr.v. sin·u·at·ed, sin·u·at·ing, sin·u·ates
To bend or curve; wind in and out.

[Latin sinuāre, sinuāt-, to bend, from sinus, curve.]

sin′u·ate·ly adv.
sin′u·a′tion n.


(ˈsɪnjʊɪt; -ˌeɪt) or


1. (Botany) Also: sinuous (of leaves) having a strongly waved margin
2. another word for sinuous
[C17: from Latin sinuātus curved; see sinus, -ate1]
ˈsinuately adv


(adj. ˈsɪn yu ɪt, -ˌeɪt)

1. winding; sinuous.
2. Bot. having the margin strongly or distinctly wavy, as a leaf.
[1680–90; < Latin sinuātus, past participle of sinuāre to bend, curve]
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Adj.1.sinuate - curved or curving in and out; "wiggly lines"
curved, curving - having or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend; "the curved tusks of a walrus"; "his curved lips suggested a smile but his eyes were hard"
2.sinuate - having a strongly waved margin alternately concave and convex
smooth - of the margin of a leaf shape; not broken up into teeth


To move sinuously:
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The weakly sinuate maxillary tomium noted by Ridgway (1916), as opposed to the strongly toothed condition in P.
The patterns of anticlinal walls were sinuate (Fig.
31) punctures fine and sparsely laying hairs on the marginal sides, with superficial weak microsculpture, anterior margin concave, lateral sides slightly sinuate and margins narrow toward posterior and posterior angles slightly protrude, media line strongly conspicuous and reddish-brown, posterior angles with 1 seta, basal depressions slightly marked (Fig.
3I) with anterior margin slightly convex and sinuate at both sides, side margins rounded, posterior margin more or less straight, apices not evident, lateral areas little raised, poorly defined.
Male metasternum slightly depressed postero-medially, bearing a weakly formed, somewhat trapezoidal medial process with a slightly sinuate posterior margin and a few papillae (Fig.
Mantle heavily mottled, the complex pattern obscuring a dorsal double row of black dashes or spots and one dorsal brown band suggesting the merging of two adjacent bands, as well as one lateral brownish band on each side also obscured by darker mottling; sole of foot not tripartite, foot fringe gray-brown to brown; fresh mucus clear or white or tinted with orange; penis at least slightly sinuate in outline, penial pouch absent; penis retractor notably thickened at junction with penis and vas deferens; vas deferens often markedly wider in diameter than penis at and near their junction; dart sac large.
1F, G) semicircular anteriorly, extended into short straight-sided triangular point posterolaterally, with slightly sinuate flap overhanging separating groove; fifth oostegite with row of long setae along posterior margin.
Leaves rosulate; pseudopetiolate; blades oblong to obovate, pinnately veined, margin sinuate to runcinate, glabrous to pubescent.
Annulus ventralus immovable, subcircular; cephalic half with wide median trough and two caudally-directed protuberances overhanging centrally located fossa; sinuate sinus running from center of fossa to caudal edge.
angularis that he considered to be conspecific, and the northeast Texas form is that found in Caddo Parish, with lightly sinuate gonopodal acropodites and an aperture in which the caudolateral "pouch" flares strongly laterally.
A pair of legs tiptoeing at the edge of black water and the bold, sinuate script that reads "Racing Towards Something"; the cover of Bowie's Diamond Dogs; Chris, asleep in her tent, with a pair of boots, a sharp stick, Tampax, Marlboro Reds, a gun, a flashlight, a paperback of Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test; a close-up of the forest floor: dead leaves, chicken bones, a ring-pull beer-can tab, a Snickers wrapper.