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 (sĭn′yo͞o-ĭt, -āt′)
Having a wavy indented margin, as a leaf.
intr.v. sin·u·at·ed, sin·u·at·ing, sin·u·ates
To bend or curve; wind in and out.

[Latin sinuāre, sinuāt-, to bend, from sinus, curve.]

sin′u·ate·ly adv.
sin′u·a′tion n.
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Paraclypei distinctly shorter than clypeus; 2nd antennal segment equal or subequal to 3rd; paramere sinuated at apex, forming concave margin, with apices acutely produced, inner spine of blade very prominent a little bent, beak-like, with distinct ridge .
asiatica, until recently a type of the specie which grown in the swarm with cardate sinuated leaf margins was known as Centella cordifolia until it was changed to an accession of C.
1e-1f): Somewhat oval shaped, costa straight, termen sinuated, dorsum straight, discoidal cell more than half length of the wing; veins, Sc+ R1arises from the axillary region, short and separated from R1, humeral (h) curves toward the proximal region of the costal margin begins from Sc+R1 and Rs, M1 originated from upper apex of the discal cell, M2 originates from middle of the discal cell, M3 originates from lower apex of the cell, Cu1 parallel to Cu2, two veins A2 and A3arise from the axillary of the wing, A2 ending at the tornus of wing, A3 ending at dorsal margin.