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n. pl. sin·u·os·i·ties
1. The quality or condition of being sinuous.
2. A bending or curving shape or movement.


(ˌsɪnjʊˈɒsɪtɪ) or less commonly


n, pl -osities or -ations
1. the quality of being sinuous
2. a turn, curve, or intricacy


(ˌsɪn yuˈɒs ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. a curve, bend, or turn.
2. the state or condition of being sinuous.
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Noun1.sinuosity - having curves; "he hated the sinuosity of mountain roads"
curve, curved shape - the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes


[ˌsɪnjʊˈɒsɪtɪ] Nsinuosidad f


n (liter)Schlangenbewegungen pl; (of river)Windungen pl; (fig)Gewundenheit f
References in classic literature ?
So-al was a mighty fine-looking girl, built like a tigress as to strength and sinuosity, but withal sweet and womanly.
Shape of streams are described by several factors such as: width and height of channel, insoluble sediments, suspended sediments, sinuosity of channel, flow velocity, roughness of channel and many other factors.
This method, however, may lose the structure characteristics of the original river such as sinuosity.
The sinuosity given by the proceduralization, reflex of priority of just over well-being, confuses the representatives of the Romanian state, who still have the reflex of the priority of well-being, so of a perfectionist doctrine.
For example, the letter Y is a glove whose fingers form the victory sign; the sinuosity of a pearl necklace that follows the embrace from behind of one topless woman by another conveys the R.
Metrics were calculated for benthic invertebrates, fishes, and habitat parameters such as substrate, flow status, channel sinuosity, bank stability, and riparian vegetation zone width.
IfI let my sinuosity do its thing without limits, I'd sound utterly purple.
While the Greeks, and their heirs in North America, favor contradiction, confrontation, and antagonism, both militarily and symbolically, the Chinese have always--in their language and behavior--opted instead for metaphor, diversion, and sinuosity.
The area is also characterized by windy conditions that result in many trees having lean and sinuosity in the direction of the prevailing winds.
Because the stream sinuosity was similar to a reference reach, the existing stream slope and baseflow channel width were maintained.
Flow and sediment dynamics in a low sinuosity, braided river: Calamus River, Nebraska Sandhills.
The grace, strength, sinuosity and precision of both were simply breathtaking as they held intricate balances, moved just the slightest muscle or undertook dexterous lifts.