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1. Characterized by many curves or turns; winding: a sinuous stream.
2. Characterized by supple and lithe movements: the sinuous grace of a dancer.
3. Sinuate: a sinuous leaf.

[From Latin sinuōsus, from sinus, curve.]

sin′u·ous·ly adv.
sin′u·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.sinuously - in a sinuous manner


advgewunden; dance etcgeschmeidig, schlangenartig
References in classic literature ?
He stood erect and stretched his great frame, the muscles of his arms gliding sinuously beneath his tanned skin as he bent his clenched fists behind his head.
For a long period there was silence, then of a sudden a soft, stealthy sound behind me caused me to turn suddenly to behold a great many-legged banth creeping sinuously upon me.
So it was that as Kulonga emerged from the shadow of the jungle a slender coil of rope sped sinuously above him from the lowest branch of a mighty tree directly upon the edge of the fields of Mbonga, and ere the king's son had taken a half dozen steps into the clearing a quick noose tightened about his neck.
Through the luxuriant, tangled vegetation of the Stygian jungle night a great lithe body made its way sinuously and in utter silence upon its soft padded feet.
The big cat had finished the milk and was rubbing its whiskered cheek sinuously against her skirt.
With her snaking arms, sinuously flowing walks, rhythmically complex footwork, intentioned gaze and climactic, fiery eruptions, Barrio is one of the greatest flamenco performers in the world.
She was the cynosure of all eyes as she employed sinuously calibrated movements to reflect the Noh esthetic, while Soto, as her counterweight, used more angular and quicker actions, but still retained the essential eastern flavor.
This glorious Art-Deco style building, a sinuously curving confection of glass and white walls, just a pebble's throw from the beach, was created by Sir Clough 'Portmeirion' Williams, in 1954.
The China Internet Jianghu, as an "alternative public sphere", by contrast, does not confront with the ruling power directly and roundly, but resist and struggle improvisationally and sinuously.
The Theatre Royal has been a regular stopping off point and tonight sees the return of The Car Man, a sinuously sexy show with a Carmen-inspired score and a steamy story of crime, passion and revenge.
She writes that such research must "leap across disciplinary divisions and shift deftly between archive and repertoire, all the while maneuvering sinuously between textual, analytical, historical, and embodied analyses" (12).
Modern, functional design that emphasises the beauty of the large areas of 8 mm tempered safety glass and reflects immense attention to details, with the new, sinuously styled, cushioned closure lifting hinges and the elegant chromed metal handle.