sinus headache

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Noun1.sinus headache - a headache resulting from congestion or infection in the paranasal sinuses
cephalalgia, head ache, headache - pain in the head caused by dilation of cerebral arteries or muscle contractions or a reaction to drugs
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In regard to sinus headache, the International Headache Society (IHS) classification states that chronic sinusitis is not a cause of headache and facial pain unless it relapses into an acute sinusitis (Expert Rev.
The Aurum sinusitis is characterised by a tearing right-sided sinus headache, which is often worse at night.
Most people with so-called sinus headache are actually suffering from another type of headache.
Many individuals believe they have sinus headache, but neurologists do not accept the concept that sinus pressure is a cause of headache in the absence of infection.
Patients who think they have a sinus headache may actually be suffering from a migraine, Dr.
You have a runny nose, a sinus headache, and seem to be sneezing constantly.
Furthermore, the analysis of the full data set has shown that the subjective primary endpoint of complete resolution of the cardinal symptoms of sinus headache and nasal congestion as reported by study participants at the conclusion of the 16 week trial is not reliable.
3,4) When drainage and ventilation of a concha bullosa are disturbed, the concha bullosa might become infected and cause recurrent sinus headache.
In the survey, 35% of the medical students and 9% of the family physicians reported a sinus headache in the past year, but only 3% of the neurologists did.
The most common misdiagnoses are sinus headache, stress or tension headache, and headache not otherwise specified.
It helps to relieve symptoms caused by sinus infections, allergies and the common cold including congestion, irritated nasal passages, nasal drainage, post-nasal drip, cough, and sinus headache.
The study excluded patients with a prior diagnosis of migraine, prior use of triptans, sinus headache with fever or purulent discharge, or radiographic evidence of sinus infection within the past 6 months, said Dr.