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 (sī′nə-soid′, -nyə-)
1. Mathematics See sine curve.
2. Anatomy Any of the venous cavities through which blood passes in various glands and organs, such as the adrenal gland and the liver.

[Medieval Latin sinus, sine; see sine + -oid.]

si′nu·soi′dal (-soid′l) adj.
si′nu·soi′dal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.sinusoidally - in a sinusoidal manner
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Those results were confirmed with dampers and airfoils operating sinusoidally at specified frequency.
As it is seen, the instantaneous currents are composed of discontinuous current pulses with peaks that fall within a sinusoidal envelope since their pulse widths are sinusoidally modulated.
The socalled "Great Metric Tensor" [13-14] is used to deduce a general gravitational wave equation; which is later applied to a sinusoidally varying mass for a homogeneous spherical distribution of mass.
4[degrees]C) in early December 2013, and varied approximately sinusoidally with time of year.
It is known (Hyndman and Athanasopoulos, 2013) that the process is ARMA(p,0) at p>0 if the ACF drops down exponentially or sinusoidally and the partial autocorrelation function (PACF) has a significant spike at p, and that the process is ARMA(0,q) at q>0 if the PACF drops down exponentially or sinusoidally and the ACF has a significant spike at q.
Ventilatory and gas exchange responses to cycling with sinusoidally varying pedal rate.
study numerically localized oscillations in finite mass-spring chains driven sinusoidally at one end with the other end fixed.
Durst, "Development length of sinusoidally pulsating laminar pipe flows in moderate and high Reynolds number regimes," International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, vol.
In oscillatory shearing in between two parallel disks the shear strain, [gamma], varies sinusoidally with time, t, at a frequency of co, i.
The lower die is oscillated sinusoidally at a programmable frequency and strain.
If take a Gaussian distribution as an initial field, the beam preserves its Gaussian shape but its RMS beam width "breathes" sinusoidally as it travels in a straight path.
Distribution of the nondimensionalized transverse shear stress is shown for multi layer antisymmetric angle-ply and orthotropic laminates under sinusoidally distributed transverse loads in Fig.