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v. sipped, sip·ping, sips
1. To drink in small quantities.
2. To drink from in sips.
To drink something in sips.
1. The act of sipping.
2. A small quantity of liquid sipped.

[Middle English sippen; see seuə- in Indo-European roots.]

sip′per n.


(Brewing) informal US a drinking straw
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Noun1.sipper - a drinker who sips
drinker - a person who drinks liquids
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Tenders are invited for Insulated Water Bottle With Belt And Sipper Of 2000 Ml Capacity With Tolerence Of Plus 10 Percent And Minus 0 Percent Capacity Of The Following Brands Only.
You can check the amount of water Coco is drinking by measuring the level in her sipper bottle at the start and end of the day - an average-sized adult guinea pig will drink around 85ml per day.
Marked by soft red berry fruits and spice, it's merlot dominant and a good autumn sipper.
SIPPER STAR Jamie raises a glass in London this week, as Kate poses in Canada
Tito's vodka, lemon juice, honey and fresh rosemary and basil combine to make a citrusy sipper with herbal flavor.
Most are male between [the ages of] 18 and 22 from all socioeconomic backgrounds," explained Bill Sipper, managing partner at Ramsey, N.
In addition to serving with food, this wine makes a superior social sipper or aperitif.
Compatible with 98% of baby bottles, and it works with sipper spouts for toddlers too.
Priced at Rs 595, the product is a reusable sipper with a purifying cartridge.
and an opening chapter (The Knowledge), the beers themselves are organized into nine distinctive chapters: Quench; Lager; Hop Beers; Grain; Old School classics; Curiosities; Sipper Beers; Wild and Wood; and Cellar Beers.
The bottles have a pull-up sipper cap with finger loop and will be available later this year Silicone banding is available for the top and bottom as well.
SIPPER SKIPPER SKIPPERSteven Gerrard believes even Engla ngland gland have done Wayne Rooney proud in time for ooney proud in time for oney h d k d his expected return against Ukraine on Tuesday.