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A small piece of toast or bread soaked in gravy or other liquid or used as a garnish.

[From sip, alteration of sop.]


(Cookery) a small piece of something, esp a piece of toast or fried bread eaten with soup or gravy
[C16: used as diminutive of sop; see -et]
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The Angelo Bianchi Bonomi Foundation is pleased to announce that the SIPPET (Survey of Inhibitors in Plasma-Products Exposed Toddlers), the first randomized and controlled study on hemophilia and inhibitors designed to answer a key clinical question regarding the role that the product source plays in the development of inhibitors, has been completed.
According to the results from the SIPPET study led by the investigators Flora Peyvandi and Pier M.
SIPPET was designed to establish whether or not the source of product affects the rate of inhibitors in previously untreated patients (PUPs) with severe hemophilia A.
Suitable as a solo sippet, this also is the vermouth a Martini was meant to be made with.
The sippet, or crouton, is an ideal way of using stale bread.
Deep frying can also be used but it tends to wreck the oil and gives you a more greasy finish to the sippet.
And five minutes later the visitors extended their lead when Gary Sippets met Steve Sinclair's cross with a firm header past Afandiyev.
And, five minutes later, the visitors extended their lead when Gary Sippets headed home Steve Sinclair's cross.
This year, the event features a recipe dating to 1666 for Stewed Beef With Sippets - soda bread used to mop up the meat juices in an era when spoons and forks hadn't been introduced yet to the Emerald Isle.
An Irish dinner includes beef with sippets, parsnip and carrot puree, baked onions, ganache candies and an Irish whiskey cake.
Serve chilled, garnished with the finely-diced vegetables, although I personally like to serve small bread sippets or croutons as a garnish.