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(səˈdɑː) or


(in India) n
1. (Other Non-Christian Religions) a title used before the name of Sikh men
2. a leader
[Hindi, from Persian]


or sar•dar


1. (esp. in India and Pakistan) a military chief or leader.
2. (formerly) the British commander of the Egyptian army.
[1605–15; < Hindi sardār < Persian]
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He was a tall, sunburnt, and very silent man, who wore a red smoking-cap like a fez, making him look like one of the English Sirdars or Pashas in Egypt.
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Some of them became large-scale land buyers, as in the case of Ramsaroop Maraj and Resaul Maraj, who were sirdars at Hamton Court and Leonora, respectively (Rodney 1981b).
C sheets in various sheds, extension & repairs of indoor substation and repairs to toilet at mining sirdars room at vk7 incline, kothagudem area.