siren call

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Noun1.siren call - the enticing appeal of something alluring but potentially dangerous; "he succumbed to the siren call of the wilderness"
appealingness, charm, appeal - attractiveness that interests or pleases or stimulates; "his smile was part of his appeal to her"
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And anyone tempted by the siren call of extremism needs to understand that violence is not committed against anonymous figures but on real people who leave real families' lives devastated.
During the walk, ystanbul city lines ferryboat, who passed from the Bosporus at the moment, greeted the two leaders by the siren call.
It is now up to the health minister to resist the siren call of moneyed, vested interests and do the right thing by older Australians.
There are powerful political tides sweeping the continent - strong nationalist movements, hard attitudes on immigration, aggressive Russian expansionism and the siren call of parties and governments who would wish away the rules of economics.
The siren call alerted everyone to the fact that clocking-in time at any one of the numerous factories and firms was just three minutes away.
His new EP, "4/20 The Song," is a siren call for marijuana legalization and an overt reference to the unofficial, worldwide marijuana holiday.
More and more people and societies are moving away from their traditional foods and succumbing to the siren call of western-influenced refined foods, with children being the most vulnerable victims of the sugar hegemony.
If there is chocolate in the house, it has this siren call that can drag me from my cosy sofa all swaddled in blankets and send me padding over cold floors until I have liberated a bar.
Then he starts moving down a path that starts to create change, but he's also resisting it as much as he wants to move toward that kind of siren call.
As a Labour First Minister, I'm here to say to the left in Scotland that the promise of a socialist utopia post-separation is a siren call from the Yes camp that must be resisted," he said.
Heed the siren call of summer with everything tropics-inspired at Tommy Bahama from floral paddleboards ($1,825) to this Sand Dollar paisley top ($138) shown with Two Palms shorts ($78).
Finally, sponsors and their brokers are getting better at resisting the siren call of overpriced private placements.