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n. Obsolete
Mister; fellow. Used as a contemptuous form of address.

[Alteration of sir.]


archaic a contemptuous term used in addressing a man or boy
[C16: probably variant of sire]


(ˈsɪr ə)

n. Archaic.
a term of address used to inferiors or children to express impatience, contempt, etc.
[1520–30; alter of sir]
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Noun1.sirrah - formerly a contemptuous term of address to an inferior man or boy; often used in anger
male person, male - a person who belongs to the sex that cannot have babies


n (obs)Bube m (obs)
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Sirrah, wilt thou be my man, and wait on me, and I will
sirrah, if thou dost not presently bind thyself to me for seven
Well, sirrah, leave your jesting, and take these guilders.
Ay, sirrah, I'll teach thee to turn thyself to a dog,
Hast thou brought home thy charge, sirrah Gurth, or hast thou left them to robbers and marauders?
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION: ashore; hair; hare; harsh; harsher; hash; hear; heir; hero; hire; hirer; hoar; hoarse; hoarser; hoer; hora; horse; HORSEHAIR; horsier; hose; hosier; rash; rasher; rehash; rhea; shah; share; sharer; shea; shear; shire; shirr; shoe; shore; sirrah.
Yesterday I will be born, Tomorrow I died" was the first line of a poem Leumas Sirrah uttered one evening; he was a kid from the Jordan Downs Projects and turned heads whenever he had something to say.
How many times, upon receiving some chummy introduction to a transmitted announcement, have I found myself, similar to some high-in-the-instep stickler, mumbling, "And who, sirrah, gave you the right to call me by my first name?
If a crow help us in, sirrah, we'll pluck a crow together.
Sirrah, thou art said to have a stubborn soul That apprehends no further than this world, And squar'st thy life according.
She began her career with Mal Sirrah in 2006 under the direction of esteemed designer and well known writer Malcolm Harris.