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Only sissies play golf', 'girls play golf', 'it's for old men'.
NICKY Morgan's Education Department last week banned schoolkids from calling each other sissies because it's sexist.
Inspired by the queer and diverse friends and family surrounding Lim, the Montreal-based artist fills the glossy, full color calendar with portraits of self-proclaimed sissies who pose next to their own written definitions of sissy.
It was one of my old man's convictions that men who wore hair under the nose were sissies, and in his day there was no lower form of male life.
And I just believe that God hasn't called us to be sissies on a principle level.
Not only did the erstwhile "Designing Women" star allow herself to be cast as - get this - the most restrained character in the hugely flamboyant play "Southern Baptist Sissies," she soldiered on through a fractured ankle suffered during rehearsal, and is now playing her various roles wearing a boot cast.
There's scads of sissies around here; flocks of 'em
3) Nineteenth-century sissies were castigated by their peers, but twentieth-century sissies bore a clinical as well as a social stigma.
Sissies and Tomboys: Gender Nonconformity and Homosexual Childhood.
It was easy for Americans to tolerate homosexuals as long as homosexuals were sissies.
In the nineteenth century, sissies might be castigated by their peers but celebrated by their families.
Jordan is reprising roles he originally played onstage in two shows, Sordid Lives (through April 2) and Southern Baptist Sissies (through April 23).