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n. pl. sis·sies
1. A person regarded as timid or cowardly.
2. Offensive A boy or man regarded as effeminate.
3. Informal Sister.

[ Diminutive of sis.]

sis′si·fied′ (-fīd′) adj.
sis′si·ness, sis′sy·ness n.
sis′sy·ish adj.




the quality of being a sissy; effeminacy
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Noun1.sissiness - the trait of being effeminate (derogatory of a man); "the students associated science with masculinity and arts with effeminacy"; "Spartans accused Athenians of effeminateness"; "he was shocked by the softness of the atmosphere surrounding the young prince, arising from the superfluity of the femininity that guided him"
femininity, muliebrity - the trait of behaving in ways considered typical for women
emasculation - loss of power and masculinity
derogation, disparagement, depreciation - a communication that belittles somebody or something


or sissyness
The quality of being effeminate:
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The broadcaster also said that English is the language of combat and not of sissiness.
Likewise, Buzz's appearing nude except for an apron and a pair of high heels reduces to comic absurdity an activist's objection to the damage done to the larger civil rights movement by an individual gay man's performance of his sissiness.
Herzog's unmanliness is cast as part of his heroic journey into "hell" and not as sissiness, childishness, or womanly behaviour.