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Noun1.sistership - the kinship relation between a female offspring and the siblings
family relationship, kinship, relationship - (anthropology) relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption
2.sistership - an association or society of women who are linked together by a common religion or trade or interest
association - a formal organization of people or groups of people; "he joined the Modern Language Association"
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At present, sistership Harvey Blue-Sea is under construction at the yard.
The Sistership Dragon Boat Association was started in 1998 by a group of women from Calgary, all of whom had experienced breast cancer.
The Wave, Muscat turned a one-point deficit into a ten-point windfall to win the Extreme Sailing Series' first event in Hamburg with sistership Oman Air posting their best results of the year so far to make an outstanding day for Oman Sail, a press release said.
La compagnie de transport des hydrocarbures Hyproc Shipping Company, une filiale de Sonatrach, basee a Oran, vient de signer avec le chantier naval Hyundai Heavy Industries, un contrat pour la construction de deux navires sistership pour le transport de GNL d'une capacite de 171.
Their sistership and entrepreneurship is duly noted.
For 2014, Hashim and Musab will race on Extreme 40 sistership, Oman Air, and their colleague Nasser Al Mashari will step on to The Wave, Muscat as bowman.
A second brand-new 800 is due to be flown into Kigali on Tuesday, October 25 and will join her sistership on the routes to Johannesburg and Dubai.
policyholder) or new employee encountering insurance jargon such Actual Cash Value (which is not equal to cash);Wind Mitigation Credits; Perils; PPO, EPO, IPA and POS; PHO Concurrent Causation; Sistership Liability; EPLI/EPL; PIP; Tort Thresholds; Bobtail Coverage; Second Death; Sum Assured; Fronters; RRGs; Admitted and Nonadmitted; Captive; Surplus Lines; MGA; IBNR; Loss Ratio; IRR; and Admitted Assets.
In the joint economic commission held on Tuesday in Colombo, the two sides signed agreements on customs, sistership between Iran's Bandar Abbas and Colombo, maritime, standardization, cultural and scientific fields, etc.
Her late father, Lord Louis Mountbatten, former First Sea Lord, failed in 1966 to save HMS Starling, which was Capt Walker''s flagship and HMS Whimbrel''s sistership.
Besson-class LSVs to enter Army service--her sistership Staff Sgt.
It too has great acting and a fabulous sense of style, but layered on top of the wit, drama and sistership between the main female characters is a tense mystery about the narrator Mary Alice Young.