sitting duck

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sitting duck

n. Informal
An easy target or victim.

sit′ting duck′

a helpless or easy target or victim.
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Noun1.sitting duck - a defenseless victim
dupe, victim - a person who is tricked or swindled
هَدَف بارِز
auîvelt skotmark
ľahký terč

sitting duck

sitting target n (fig) → facile bersaglio


(sit) present participle sitting: past tense, past participle sat (sӕt) verb
1. to (cause to) rest on the buttocks; to (cause to) be seated. He likes sitting on the floor; They sat me in the chair and started asking questions.
2. to lie or rest; to have a certain position. The parcel is sitting on the table.
3. (with on) to be an official member of (a board, committee etc). He sat on several committees.
4. (of birds) to perch. An owl was sitting in the tree by the window.
5. to undergo (an examination).
6. to take up a position, or act as a model, in order to have one's picture painted or one's photograph taken. She is sitting for a portrait/photograph.
7. (of a committee, parliament etc) to be in session. Parliament sits from now until Christmas.
ˈsitter noun
1. a person who poses for a portrait etc.
2. a baby-sitter.
ˈsitting noun
a period of continuous action, meeting etc. I read the whole book at one sitting; The committee were prepared for a lengthy sitting.
ˈsit-in noun
an occupation of a building etc by protesters. The students staged a sit-in.
ˈsitting-room noun
a room used mainly for sitting in.
sitting target, sitting duck
someone or something that is in an obvious position to be attacked. If they're reducing staff, he's a sitting target.
sit back
to rest and take no part in an activity. He just sat back and let it all happen.
sit down
to (cause to) take a seat, take a sitting position. Let's sit down over here; He sat the child down on the floor.
sit out
1. to remain seated during a dance. Let's sit (this one) out.
2. to remain inactive and wait until the end of. They'll try to sit out the crisis.
sit tight
to keep the same position or be unwilling to move or act. The best thing to do is to sit tight and see if things improve.
sit up
1. to rise to a sitting position. Can the patient sit up?
2. to remain awake, not going to bed. I sat up until 3 a.m. waiting for you!
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In this book you will find in a simple yet detailed manner how to avoid being a Sitting Duck victim of Cyber Criminals.
34 in running on Betfair when going to the front in the opener at Brighton, but he proved a sitting duck and was caught by Chiconomic.
The Commons is one of the most secure buildings in the world, but when you step outside you are a sitting duck.
But many worry it's a sitting duck when the next big hurricane comes.
Allowed an easy time of things at the head of aairs, the six-year-old looked a sitting duck as all the market leaders stacked up behind him.
FORMER children's home owner John Allen was a sitting duck for anyone wanting to make a false claim for compensation, his barrister told a jury.
The UK must be a sitting duck for any terrorist organistion these days.
Speaking of the 2012 GOP nominee, Priebus said : "Mitt Romney was a sitting duck for two months over the summer.
SITTING DUCK 3 Brad fears for his safety CAD NEWS Champion Evans tries to deal with a puncture
He looked a sitting duck for Edward O'Grady's Out Now in the straight but the 10-year-old wanted it more after the last and went on to win by four and a half lengths.
The ducktective, who works for Kirkburton and Denby Dale Neighbourhood Policing Team, flew in to the area last week to back the police's new Don't Be A Sitting Duck car crime clampdown.
The solution was not what anyone expected it to be, as the Allied forces painted their ships in unusual designs that were sure to mess up planning for the U boat Commanders to gain a solid hit on otherwise sitting duck ships.