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 (sĭt′skrēg′, zĭt′-)
Warfare marked by a lack of aggression or progress.

[Coined on the model of blitzkrieg : German Sitz, act of sitting; see sitz bath + German Krieg, war; see blitzkrieg.]


(ˈsɪtsˌkriːɡ; ˈzɪts-)
(Military) a period during a war in which both sides change positions very slowly or not at all
[C20: from German, from sitzen to sit + Krieg war]
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Humorists familiar with the German language referred to it as a Sitzkrieg.
The competing impulses towards wholeness and fragmentation, union and dispersal, she adds, are iterated and heightened through the enactment of "anticipatory grief" on the precipice of World War II (although she mistakenly sets the novel during the Sitzkrieg [12, 159, 163]).
While everyone else is using social media as a healthcare communications blitzkrieg, or "lightening war," regulated industry is digging in for a sitzkrieg, a "sitting war.
19) The period from the end of the invasion of Poland in September 1939 to the start of the blitzkrieg in the West in May 1940 is also known as the Sitzkrieg due to the lack of any fighting in Europe.