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 (sĭt′skrēg′, zĭt′-)
Warfare marked by a lack of aggression or progress.

[Coined on the model of blitzkrieg : German Sitz, act of sitting; see sitz bath + German Krieg, war; see blitzkrieg.]


(ˈsɪtsˌkriːɡ; ˈzɪts-)
(Military) a period during a war in which both sides change positions very slowly or not at all
[C20: from German, from sitzen to sit + Krieg war]
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Now the order of the film would tend to imply that the illegalisms practiced by the aristocracy (most obviously, adultery) amount to a waste of time when the nation would better be readying itself against armed, trigger-happy enemies stationed near the border of Alsace-Lorraine; that the week spent at the chateau is tantamount to the French Sitzkrieg at the moment when Nazi Germany was about to launch its Blitzkrieg.
The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), which entered into force in February 2010, is a possible bridge between the sitzkrieg era of nuclear superpower arms control and the more demanding requirements of the early 21st century.
Before the Germans ended der Sitzkrieg (the Phoney War) and launched their Blitzkrieg assault into Western Europe in May 1940, Searle's regiment had the honour of mounting the King's Guard at Buckingham Palace.