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Noun1.six pack - a carton containing six bottles or canssix pack - a carton containing six bottles or cans
carton - a box made of cardboard; opens by flaps on top
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In sixty dogs, forming six packs, divided as follows: the first, for the stag; the second, for the wolf; the third, for the wild boar; the fourth, for the hare; and the two others, for setters and protection.
HOLBY City hunk Joe McFadden says he's happy to go topless on Strictly now he's got a six pack.
When partners Michael Chang and Daniel Rose founded Six Pack Shortcuts in 2009, they had no grand aspirations.
I'd find it a challenge to concentrate on his six pack when I was secretly wondering if he'd used my leg shaver on his chest.
99 GOLD good-looking crackers and you get two extra above the standard six pack.
Elsewhere, the sight of Ryan's six pack when he gets slung out of Owen's house inspires Chesney to start pumping iron and the fact that Gary tried to kiss Tina is rapidly becoming the worst kept secret in Weatherfield.
London, Apr 19 ( ANI ): Gwyneth Paltrow has hit out at Madonna saying she's got a better six pack than the ageing star.
Of the much awaited sex scene, Robert said: "However vain it is I was only thinking about whether it looked like I had a six pack.
I was once a bronzed Adonis You might think that hard to take I lost my soul to fatty foods Like Pasties, Pies and cake Girls once admired my Six Pack A torso made in heaven These days not so much a six pack More like a Party Seven My dignity is in tatters I've got little left to lose Elastic waist on my trousers And I'm wearing Slip On Shoes I've lost all the definition Between my deltoids and my pecs I seem to be off putting To most of the opposite sex So it's exercise and diet Dedication from now on I'll start this new regime today As soon as these Fish and Chips are gone.
11 so that people with jobs don't have to take a day off to be able to score a six pack.
Including a "situation" with a T-shirt based on one of the reality show stars, "The Situation": the nickname refers to the star's abs, and a T-shirt, tying in to the theme, has a clear panel to show off a six pack (or more likely, the aftermath of drinking too many six packs).
I haven't done abs in 10 years, but I have a six pack,'' said Carl Farwell, 48.