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Noun1.sixsome - six people considered as a unit
assemblage, gathering - a group of persons together in one place
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The sixsome teased by removing their G-strings behind the cover of their hats and then, as the stage was supposed to go black while the audience is blinded by bright lights, they throw away their headgear.
The three were part of a sixsome that played at Los Angeles Country Club, complete with Secret Service on hand.
En punto de las nueve y media, ya con la calidez de la manana, se dio la salida de cada uno de los sixsome que se encontraban repartidos en los 18 hoyos.
Three of the missing sixsome here absconded after being bailed by the courts.
Don't feel sorry for the sixsome just yet - they're rumoured to be getting two million dollars each for a reunion show next year.
The winsome sixsome are supposed to be gathering at a restaurant for Phoebe's birthday, but as the clock ticks forward, the only people who've made it in time are Phoebe herself and the man who should become a professional eater - Joey.