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intr.v. siz·zled, siz·zling, siz·zles
1. To make the hissing sound characteristic of frying fat.
2. To seethe with anger or indignation.
3. To be very hot: a summer day that sizzled.
4. To be very popular, exciting, or interesting: a movie that sizzled at the box office.
1. A hissing sound.
2. The appeal of or the excitement generated by a product or service: an advertising campaign that captured the sizzle of the new technology.

[Perhaps frequentative of Middle English sissen, to hiss, of imitative origin.]

siz′zling·ly adv.


in a sizzling manner
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Indeed, Lewinski sizzlingly pulled back the cover on the cracks that were starting to form in the post-Reagan Republican dam.
A sizzlingly entertaining story - packed with glamour.
It brings a styling mix of past fame with a thoroughly modern stance, plus a sizzlingly good-looking grille to complete the recipe.
It brings a styling mix of past fame with a thoroughly modern slightly haunched stance, plus a sizzlingly good looking grille to complete the recipe.
It may seem a sizzlingly straight forward dish to conjure but get your ingredients on the scandalously cheap and you'll be sorry.
And it's in good time too, after the end of Paul Abbott's sizzlingly brilliant No Offence last week.
With the last of three sizzlingly hopeful aspects of Jupiter with Uranus right on the heels of the summer solstice, you could be in line for an exciting new chapter, perhaps at work or maybe in your domestic sphere.
It's hard to separate your own, independent reaction from theirs" suggests that the Perception Analyzer is, in McLuhan's (1964) terminology, a sizzlingly hot medium.
But that is a small price to pay for what is one if the most sizzlingly good looking sports estates around.
There were quite a few empty seats as people failed to make it to the first night at the NIA, but those who did manage to struggle in were warmed up by a sizzlingly entertaining show.
The Fleet ranges from cruising keelboats and sports boats through to the highest echelon of Grand Prix level racers, as well as one sizzlingly fast trimaran.
More specifically, ASh locates the sizzlingly sexy Eva (Sofia Boutella), Manu's niece, who will teach him the new steps and more.