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adj. sketch·i·er, sketch·i·est
1. Resembling a sketch; drawn with little detail: a sketchy map.
2. Missing important points or lacking in detail; not thorough: sketchy evidence; sketchy memories.
3. Informal
a. Of questionable authenticity or trustworthiness: a sketchy accent; a sketchy character.
b. Of dubious safety; potentially harmful or dangerous: a sketchy neighborhood.

sketch′i·ly adv.
sketch′i·ness n.
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Noun1.sketchiness - incompleteness of details
incompleteness, rawness - the state of being crude and incomplete and imperfect; "the study was criticized for incompleteness of data but it stimulated further research"; "the rawness of his diary made it unpublishable"
taslak hâlinde olma


nFlüchtigkeit f, → Oberflächlichkeit f; (= insufficiency)Unzulänglichkeit f


(sketʃ) noun
1. a rough plan, drawing or painting. He made several sketches before starting the portrait.
2. a short (written or spoken) account without many details. The book began with a sketch of the author's life.
3. a short play, dramatic scene etc. a comic sketch.
1. to draw, describe, or plan without completing the details.
2. to make rough drawings, paintings etc. She sketches as a hobby.
ˈsketchy adjective
1. incompletely done or carried out. a sketchy search.
2. slight or incomplete. a sketchy knowledge of French.
ˈsketchily adverb
ˈsketchiness noun
ˈsketch-book noun
a book for drawing sketches in.
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Richly worked passages contrast with sketchiness, while the apricot shades of her costume are offset by pops of Prussian blue and the deep tones--iridescent purples and aquamarine among them--of his garb.
In this regard, three questions need to be answered to clear up the sketchiness that surrounds the relationship between Iran and the Taliban: If indeed the accusations are true, then why the change in Iran's policy; when did this policy change take place ; and what is the level of support afforded to the Taliban by Iran?
Well suited to Hillcoat's gifts for low-boil suspense and brutal eruptions of violence in close, male-dominated quarters, the film has grit and atmosphere to burn but also a certain narrative sketchiness, as though unable to reconcile its sharp sociological portraiture with the pleasures of a more robustly plotted crime yarn.
However, the range of material that Stapleton is taking on in two relatively short chapters can also lead to some sketchiness in her argument.
The author's small set of characters develop well from their initial sketchiness.
Both figures are rendered with such sketchiness that few facial or bodily details can be recognized.
Flavored in turns by corrosive George Grosz-like sketchiness and disarmingly gentle forms that enact psychologically complex scenarios--such as the man cowering at the sight of a tiny flower in Fear of Feelings, a drawing for 1982's Symptomatics--their mood of profound existential ambivalence was perhaps best exemplified by another drawing for that book, which was also made into a small stick-on tattoo handed out at the Drawing Center's front desk.
Hence the unavoidable sketchiness of this narration.
Its sketchiness is rooted in the fluidity of underlying triggers of conflict.
The proposed plan is riddled with vagueness, omissions, possible injustices and rife with sketchiness.
The etchings are intricately executed and finely detailed, but there is a sketchiness about them that suggests Zahreddine is still experimenting with the technique, as well as with the opportunities afforded by a black-and-white palette.
This sketchiness of geologic subjectification is particularly pronounced in discourses of sustainability that are mobilised in response to calls for a more enduring, less disastrous geological impact.