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1. A hasty or undetailed drawing or painting often made as a preliminary study.
2. A brief general account or presentation; an outline.
a. A brief, light, or informal literary composition, such as an essay or a short story.
b. Music A brief composition, especially for the piano.
c. A short, often satirical scene or play in a revue or variety show; a skit.
4. Informal An amusing person.
v. sketched, sketch·ing, sketch·es
To make a sketch of; outline.
To make a sketch.

[Dutch schets, from Italian schizzo, from schizzare, to splash, of imitative origin.]

sketch′er n.


A. Ndibujo m, arte m de dibujar
B. CPD sketching pad Nbloc m de dibujos


n (Art) → Skizzenzeichnen nt
References in classic literature ?
As they approached it, a figure, conspicuous on a dark background of evergreens, was seated on a bench, sketching the old tree.
When their backs were turned, young Ladislaw sat down to go on with his sketching, and as he did so his face broke into an expression of amusement which increased as he went on drawing, till at last he threw back his head and laughed aloud.
On a stone under the trees sat a young lady sketching.
I beg your pardon,' he said, taking off his hat, 'you are sketching.
Dick helped her to get her sketching traps together; and when all was ready, she gave Dick her hand and a frank return of pressure.
Just a nice walk for the gentlemen,' continued Rose; 'but the ladies will drive and walk by turns; for we shall have our pony-carriage, which will be plenty large enough to contain little Arthur and three ladies, together with your sketching apparatus, and our provisions.
Mrs Lammle had taken up her parasol from a side table, and stood sketching with it on the pattern of the damask cloth, as she had sketched on the pattern of Mr Twemlow's papered wall.
Mr and Mrs Boffin,' said Mrs Lammle, still sketching, and seeming to bestow great pains upon it, 'there are not many people, I think, who, under the circumstances, would have been so considerate and sparing as you have been to me just now.
She stood sketching on the table-cloth, with her face clouded and set, and was silent.
For the most part, the English and American whale draughtsmen seem entirely content with presenting the mechanical outline of things, such as the vacant profile of the whale; which, so far as picturesqueness of effect is concerned, is about tantamount to sketching the profile of a pyramid.
But over-strained eyes caused pen and ink to be laid aside for a bold attempt at poker sketching.
After this Amy subsided, till a mania for sketching from nature set her to haunting river, field, and wood, for picturesque studies, and sighing for ruins to copy.