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v. skewed, skew·ing, skews
1. To turn or place at an angle: skew the cutting edge of a plane.
2. To give a bias to; distort: The use of a limited sample skewed the findings of the study.
1. To take an oblique course or direction.
2. To look obliquely or sideways.
3. To display a statistical tendency toward: a television program that skews toward teenagers.
1. Placed or turned to one side; asymmetric.
2. Distorted or biased in meaning or effect.
3. Having a part that diverges, as in gearing.
a. Mathematics Neither parallel nor intersecting. Used of straight lines in space.
b. Statistics Not symmetrical about the mean. Used of distributions.
An oblique or slanting movement, position, or direction.

[Middle English skewen, to escape, run sideways, from Old North French eskiuer, of Germanic origin.]

skew′ness n.


1. the quality or condition of being skew
2. (Statistics) statistics a measure of the symmetry of a distribution around its mean, esp the statistic B1 = m3/(m2)3/2, where m2 and m3 are respectively the second and third moments of the distribution around the mean. In a normal distribution, B1 = 0. See kurtosis


(ˈskyu nɪs)

n. Statistics.
1. asymmetry in a frequency distribution.
2. a measure of such asymmetry.
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Noun1.skewness - an oblique or slanting asymmetry
asymmetry, dissymmetry, imbalance - (mathematics) a lack of symmetry
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Table 2 Descriptive statistics, skewness, kurtosis and Pearson correlation (N = 300)
Blanca, Arnau, Lopez-Montiel, Bono, and Bendayan (2013) analyzed 693 real dataseis from psychological variables and found that 80% of them presented values of skewness and kurtosis ranging between -1.
Having said this, they showed that returns from conventional momentum strategies have a deep negative skewness, indicating that distribution of returns is heavily tilted to the left with wider tails than a normal distribution (this could explain the reason for big losses during certain events in the markets).
The phenomenon is a consequence of "positive skewness on the cross-sectional distribution of stock returns.
Restating the theoretical relationship between volatility and kurtosis also enables higher-order asset pricing models to address even-numbered moments alongside skewness [Cvitanic et al.
Based on the values presented in Table 1, most of the variables were distributed normally, as indicated by the proximity to zero for the skewness and kurtosis coefficients, with the exception of ECa and NDVI (October 31).
As prescribed by Kim (2013), when the values of Skewness and kurtosis are between -1.
Furthermore, all categories exhibited positive skewness, indicating that most of the expenditures are in the lower end category and fewer expenditures are in the higher end.
1 Data of the index size Size Mean 181,2545455 Standard Error 0,806630011 Median 182 Mode 182 Standard Deviation 5,982128266 Sample Variance 35,78585859 Kurtosis 0,250344071 Skewness -0,607428955 Range 27 Minimum 165 Maximum 192 Sum 9969 Count 55 Largest(1) 192 Smallest(1) 165 Confidence Level(95.
Other parameters (mean time, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis) are to be calculated for the measured time sample.
Tables 2 and 3 present descriptive statistics by special education status and condition, including means, standard deviations, skewness,
Table I gives some basic statistics for acquired signals: min, max, absolute mean (9), root mean square (10), kurtosis (11) and skewness (12).