ski jumping

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ski jump

1. A jump or leap made by a skier, especially one in which the skier is judged on both form and the distance jumped.
2. A course or chute prepared for such a jump, especially one that ends in a platform used for takeoff.
intr.v. ski jumped, ski jump·ing, ski jumps
To execute a ski jump.

ski jumper n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: jumping - the act of performing a jump on skis from a high ramp overhanging a snow covered slopeski jumping - the act of performing a jump on skis from a high ramp overhanging a snow covered slope
skiing - a sport in which participants must travel on skis
قَفْز التَّزَلُّج
skákání na lyžích
saut à ski
kayak atlama


(skiː) noun
one of a pair of long narrow strips of wood etc that are attached to the feet for gliding over snow, water etc.
verbpresent participle ˈskiing ; past tense, past participle skied (skiːd)
to travel on or use skis especially as a leisure activity. He broke his leg when he was skiing.
of or for the activity of skiing. ski-suits; ski-jump.
ˈskier noun
The slope was crowded with skiers.
ˈskiing noun
Skiing is her favourite sport; (also adjective) a skiing holiday.
ˈski jump noun
1. a competition between skiers to see who will jump furthest off a steep slope.
2. a steep snow-covered slope before a sharp drop, to help skiers leap into the air.
ˈski jumper noun
ˈski jumping noun
ˈski lift noun
a cable system with chairs for carrying skiers up a slope.
ˈski pole noun
one of the two poles that skiers hold in their hands and use while skiing.
ˈski resort noun
a place that has the facilities for skiing, where people go to ski especially on holidays.
ˈski slope noun
a snowy slope where people can ski.
ˈski run noun
a slope or a track for skiing.
ˈski track/trail noun
a ski run; a path taken by skiers.
ˈski tow noun
a ski lift; a cable system for pulling skiers up a slope.
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So resolute was Morgenstern that he not only recovered in time for the Sochi spectacle held from February 7-23 last year, but he went on to win the team silver in the ski jumping with the Austrian squad.
We asked for a ski jumping theme, and wanted unique game play and vivid graphics," said Andy Braithwaite, Head of Casino at Mr Green, "We're really happy with the slot game that Genesis created with us.
Contract award: electrical installation work - new ski jumping facility tschagguns.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Increased criticism over collapsed ski jumping facilities in Erzurum is likely to put the safety practices of the facility's contractor under greater scrutiny and raise more questions about its ties with the government.
During the assembly students learned about the various different events being held over the course of the Winter Olympics and were shown Youtube video clips featuring some of the games including ski jumping, ski slopestyle and ski cross.
IT'LL BE ALL WHITE ON THE NIGHT Sochi worker with his shirt off at the ski jumping venue
New events at the 2014 Sochi games include the Ski Halfpipe Luge Relay and Women's Ski Jumping ?
15pm; World Cup ski jumping - British Eurosport 5pm.
Live ski jumping Eurosport 2, 9am THERE'S nothing more cosy than sitting in front of a glowing Calor Gas fire on Christmas Eve, sipping a glass of sherry and watching the Alpine World Cup of ski jumping, writes James Milton.
The Norge Ski Club is one of the oldest, continuously open ski jumping club in the United States.
The games will host nearly 3,000 sportsmen from all over the world who will compete in a total of 11 branches; Alpine skiing, biathlon, ice hockey, curling, ski jumping, cross country, Nordic combined, snowboard, freestyle skiing, figure skating and short track.