ski pole

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ski pole

A lightweight pole with a handgrip, sometimes a wrist strap, and a sharp point encircled slightly above by a disk, used in pairs by snow skiers.

ski′ pole`

a slender pole or stick used by skiers for balance and propulsion, with a metal point below a ring at the lower end and a loop for the hand at the upper.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: pole - a pole with metal points used as an aid in skiingski pole - a pole with metal points used as an aid in skiing
pole - a long (usually round) rod of wood or metal or plastic
قَضيب التَّزَلُّج
lyžařská hůlka
lyžiarska palica
kayak sopası


(skiː) noun
one of a pair of long narrow strips of wood etc that are attached to the feet for gliding over snow, water etc.
verbpresent participle ˈskiing ; past tense, past participle skied (skiːd)
to travel on or use skis especially as a leisure activity. He broke his leg when he was skiing.
of or for the activity of skiing. ski-suits; ski-jump.
ˈskier noun
The slope was crowded with skiers.
ˈskiing noun
Skiing is her favourite sport; (also adjective) a skiing holiday.
ˈski jump noun
1. a competition between skiers to see who will jump furthest off a steep slope.
2. a steep snow-covered slope before a sharp drop, to help skiers leap into the air.
ˈski jumper noun
ˈski jumping noun
ˈski lift noun
a cable system with chairs for carrying skiers up a slope.
ˈski pole noun
one of the two poles that skiers hold in their hands and use while skiing.
ˈski resort noun
a place that has the facilities for skiing, where people go to ski especially on holidays.
ˈski slope noun
a snowy slope where people can ski.
ˈski run noun
a slope or a track for skiing.
ˈski track/trail noun
a ski run; a path taken by skiers.
ˈski tow noun
a ski lift; a cable system for pulling skiers up a slope.
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I stopped and turned, but I'll tell the truth, the thought of running back to face the bear armed with only a ski pole slowed me.
Players typically attach a ski pole to a piece of industrial-strength piping to make mallets.
Contemporary researchers use an automated probe similar to a ski pole to verify airborne measurements.
He whizzed after her, dragging her up from her crumpled heap and - when she failed to comprehend his hysterical chastisement - gave her three sharp slaps on the bottom with his ski pole.
Drop your ski pole when you fall to avoid thumb and hand injuries.
ALAIN BAXTER will bid to stick a ski pole in the spokes of Chris Hoy when the pair line up at the British Championships in Manchester this week.
While he rummages through dumpsters in search of second-hand clothing building materials kitchen items and anything else that might make life easier for his students and for himself he also recycles the tremendous amount of glass metals and plastics he finds with his diving stick: an old ski pole.
During those long stretches when no one is snapping an ankle or getting a ski pole jammed into his throat, the job has a lot of the trappings of a paid vacation," the critic wrote.
Since the skating technique attracted so much attention, cross-country skiing has become more and more aggressive, which is particularly obvious along the uphill sections of the race where there are a much larger number of ski pole victims (Stockleichen, or literally, ski pole cadavers) who suffer from injuries compared to the earlier days.
though today's shield is a snowboard, and the spear, a ski pole.
Aluminum, lightweight, two-piece telescoping with ski pole tips.
Using the ski pole as a walking stick, he paces a transect through the sage.