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The sport of riding a skimboard over shallow water on a beach and into oncoming waves. The board is usually tossed ahead and jumped on after a running approach.
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You can also experience the barreling waves of the popular Cloud 9 surf beach or try skimboarding by riding the smaller waves of Pacifico in San Isidro town.
I got bored and I realized with skimboarding you could just throw your board in the sand and just go.
Boomer and Didga are some of the most adventurous kitties around, getting into some extreme action like skateboarding, skimboarding and riding a kayak.
And some anchor next to large sandbars such as Sharker's, which is usually visible but slightly underwater, to practice skimboarding.
DB has worked to progress skimboarding for over twelve years, pushing its growth both through innovative product development and strong media marketing.
Sabang, this city won the championship in the Masters' Division Category in the recent 2014 ZAP Amateur World Championships of Skimboarding in Delaware, USA.
In fact, I've stood on shore just outside of public swimming areas as massive tarpon took every inch of line off my reel, never stopping, and I've caught snook to 30 pounds or more right next to children wading and skimboarding.
Dr Leatherman said: "It's popular for swimmers, surfers, sunbathers and beachcombers and is very flat, so it's great for skimboarding and walking.
A self-professed tomboy, she embraced activities such as skateboarding and its marine equivalent, skimboarding, and at age 16 began studying kempo, a Chinese-Hawaiian hybrid martial art.
The outcome was so outstanding that the group decided to tweak it into a magnificent blend between kiteboarding, skimboarding, wakeboarding and surfing-but with a technological twist.