skin care

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care, tending, attention, aid - the work of providing treatment for or attending to someone or something; "no medical care was required"; "the old car needs constant attention"
facial - care for the face that usually involves cleansing and massage and the application of cosmetic creams
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Revoderm Pharma is the result of five years of research and engineering and is the ultimate cosmeceutical skin care line.
com)-- Bodyline Skin Care recently made an announcement of a nationwide release of their Vitamin C Serum 20%, a product that gives you a combination of anti-aging properties by fighting free radicals as well as nourishment for your skin.
NEW YORK -- The men's side of the skin care market continues to grow.
Unilever has brought its best sellng skin care brand in the United Kingdom to the North American market.
In addition to taking a trip to the cosmetics counter or walking down the drugstore aisle, more consumers are making an appointment at the dermatologist's office in pursuit of the next cosmeceutical advancement in skin care.
avVaa World Health Care Products is a global biotechnology company that specializes in effective, all natural, therapeutic skin care products that improve quality of life and well being for consumers.
Tokyo, Japan, Jan 4, 2006 - (JCN) - Japanese market researcher Fuji Keizai has published a report on the trends of skin care products in Japan.
I can tell you that there is definitely a growing need for places that concentrate specifically on ethnic skin care.
Most conventional skin care products contain all kinds of skin sensitizing agents--sulphates, artificial additives, alcohol, fragrances, food colorings and mineral and peanut oils.
When he's not out pitching tractors or trash pumps, Shaw can be found riding his motorcycle or playing street hockey - or getting a skin exfoliation treatment at Jennifer's Professional Skin Care in Canyon Lake.
Largo, Florida)--SECURA[TM], a new name in skin care from Smith & Nephew, uses high-quality ingredients that make the difference between basic and proactive skin care.
Another component of good skin care is the use of an assessment tool that takes into account all the factors that might influence skin health, such as mental status/sensory perception; mobility status; moisture, bowel, and bladder status; skin integrity and friction tear; activity status; nutritional fluid status; and predisposing medicalproblems/influencing health factors.