skin grafting

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skin graft

A surgical graft of healthy skin from one part of the body to another or from one individual to another in order to replace damaged or lost skin.

skin grafting n.

skin′ graft`ing

the surgical process of transplanting skin to a wound or burn in order to form new skin.
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M2 PHARMA-December 18, 2017-Global Skin Grafting Market to Reach USD 6.
No practice guidelines exist for management of wounds that cannot be reconstructed with simple primary closure, secondary-intention wound healing (SIH), split-thickness skin grafting (STSG), or full-thickness skin grafting (FTSG) (see Table 1).
Autologous skin grafting remains one of the best and time tested remedy2.
The objective of this report is to present a case of a complex traumatic wound managed with a dermal replacement template (DRT) followed by skin grafting and vacuum-assisted dressing therapy.
Tenders are invited for MiMedx Regenerative Skin Grafting
30 cases (50%) were treated by Z-plasty, out of this 10 cases were associated with skin grafting.
It would be indispensable in surgical correction of the depigmented areas of crippling vitiligo or healed burn wounds (subject to squamous carcinoma), or to reconstruct skin defects following scar and keloid excisions or contracture release and repair as a single-stage procedure, without delaying autologous skin grafting.
Skin grafting aims at early healing of a wide skin defect with better cosmetic appearance and proper hair growth.
Medical literature [19] indicates several coverage methods, suggesting that skin grafting results in better outcomes than flaps or other methods.
Reconstructive options, including skin grafting, burying the testes in the thigh and a variety of flaps, were discussed with the patient.
Thiersch skin grafting is an old but highly effective surgical technique in otology.