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Noun1.skinheads - a youth subculture that appeared first in England in the late 1960s as a working-class reaction to the hippies; hair was cropped close to the scalp; wore work-shirts and short jeans (supported by suspenders) and heavy red boots; involved in attacks against Asians and football hooliganism
youth subculture - a minority youth culture whose distinctiveness depended largely on the social class and ethnic background of its members; often characterized by its adoption of a particular music genre
skinhead - a young person who belongs to a British or American group that shave their heads and gather at rock concerts or engage in white supremacist demonstrations
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Interviews with local residents carried out by a young Jonathan Dimbleby contain strong language as they relate encounters with skinheads, police discrimination and social deprivation.
The term traditional skinhead came into use as a means for these skinheads to make clear their connection to the traditional skinhead movement, in terms of dress, music, and values, and to distance themselves from racial factions (Sarabia & Shriver, 2004).
Now running his own concrete business, Mr Fordham, of Coventry Street, Stoke, said: "The skinheads and punks would all hang out together.
Welsh amateur middleweight Francisco Borg, 22, told Cardiff County Court that he was attacked by a group of skinheads - but instead of being treated as a victim he was arrested himself.
The lack of parental supervision and guidance spawned personal insecurities similar to those found in skinheads who come from dysfunctional, single-parent environments.
But McGrady's figures express a very different politics from that of the kings and generals that were his predecessors' subjects: They range from street toughs to white supremacist skinheads and members of various paramilitary organizations.
Russian public safety authorities in Sakhalin have cautioned Japanese nationals and other foreigners in the Far East region about possible violence by a group of neo-Nazi skinheads, Japanese Foreign Ministry officials said Tuesday.
Some Germans, especially neo-Nazi skinheads, have used immigrants as scapegoats for their bad economic situation.
Neo-Nazi's were literally outperformed by the 2,000 international boy and girl scouts attending Moritz Leuenberger's speech, who after his speech praised the youngsters for peacefully turning back the dozens of skinheads who had shown up for the event.
Still, for all the posturing, maybe this is really all about something else, what with chat rooms having names like "Gay Nazi Sex," "Gay Nazi WP [White Power] Fetishists," "Gay Aryan Neo-Nazi Skinheads," "Nazi Muscle," and, strangest of all, "Diapered Skinheads.
Ex-con Cass Pennant waded in as four vicious skinheads armed with flick-knives prepared to carve up gentle giant Frank on a station platform - and became one of the champ's greatest pals.