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intr.v. skin·ny-dipped, skin·ny-dip·ping, skin·ny-dips Informal
To swim in the nude, especially in violation of conventional standards of propriety.

skin′ny-dip′per n.
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Noun1.skinny-dipper - a naked swimmer
swimmer - a trained athlete who participates in swimming meets; "he was an Olympic swimmer"
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But she has admitted to being startled when she bumped into a skinny-dipper tourist in one of the most remote parts of Skye.
Reports surfaced Monday that the group of Republicans, and skinny-dipper Yoder, were scolded for their behavior on the trip.
But, then again, this is the same ex-president who felt compelled to tell us of his "skinny-dipping" in a pond near his home in Plains--perhaps, there is, after all, a connection between Carter and John Quincy Adams, a notorious Potomac River skinny-dipper (p.
SKINNY-dipper Jackie Brown, 23, from Australia, is set to strip off and be photographed in all of Scotland's lochs to raise money for breast cancer charities.
And, no, the stuntwoman playing that unfortunate skinny-dipper, Susan Backlinie, did not break a rib, as rumored, while being pulled back and forth in the water.
It's bloodthirsty mayhem, with a nubile young skinny-dipper the first casualty of the slaughter.