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intr.v. skin·ny-dipped, skin·ny-dip·ping, skin·ny-dips Informal
To swim in the nude, especially in violation of conventional standards of propriety.

skin′ny-dip′per n.


[ˈskɪnɪdɪpɪŋ] N to go skinny-dippingbañarse en bolas


(ˈskini) adjective
very thin. Most fat girls long to be skinny.
ˈskinniness noun
ˈskinny-dipping noun
(slang). go skinny-dipping to swim naked.
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Agua Nacida ("Underwater Nudes") is a spellbinding, coffee-table photography book showcasing both black-and-white and full-color images of slender women skinny-dipping, swimming, diving, or posing in crystal-clear water.
The broadcaster, who has starred in several survival shows and became chief scout in 2009, told Piers Morgan he sent the picture before skinny-dipping in the sea off Wales.
The broadcaster told Piers Morgan he sent the picture before skinny-dipping in the sea off Wales.
The resort's owners say they are entitled to use the waterfall, which they need to keep their water tank full in case of a fire and to top off their pool for both skinny-dipping and as a backup water source for a fire.
Interiors guru Linda on skinny-dipping in Scotland PAGES 04&05 Your new Saturday family.
They include a sweary nun on a mobility scooter, an old lady getting amorous with her young "Italian stallion", another stripping off to fulfil a dream of skinny-dipping, and an elderly busker playing Lady Gaga's Poker Face on the acoustic guitar.
In a recent survey, 90% of respondents considered naturists to be "harmless" and 25% admitted to skinny-dipping.
London, August 7 ( ANI ): Lady Gaga has published a nude picture of hers with boyfriend Taylor Kinney, where she appears to be skinny-dipping with him in the pool.
Angus Burns said also admitted skinny-dipping before and said he would be willing to take the plunge again for charity.
The article said as the three flashers went skinny-dipping, Capt Geisler, who was responsible for supplying all naval assets within the Fifth Fleet, jumped in and joined them.
The Household Cavalry trooper claimed he was skinny-dipping on a beach with pals when he saw people rifling through his belongings.
I live to try to make her blush" - Hollywood star Steven Tyler (pictured), spotted by the actress when he went skinny-dipping.