skip across


w>skip across

vi (inf)rüberspringen (inf); skip across to the other officespring doch mal rüber ins andere Büro! (inf)
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why, you can skip across a stubble-field like a deer
Part of its appeal is that it is an island of peace in an unsettled sea, as it borders Yemen, Saudi Arabia and is just a skip across the Persian Gulf from Iran.
ACOLLECTION of short stories which skip across continents, eras and genres to chart the borderlands of emotional life has won the 11th International Dylan Thomas Prize.
You line things up, spin, and skip across the room.
In addition, we found that elastic spheres can bounce off the water surface from much higherimpact angles than rigid spheres--a clue to why these elastic objects are much easier to skip across the surface.
A missed touch from Adams handed Asamoah another sight of the target and he was unlucky to see a shot skip across the face of goal as he lost his balance.
Letting a player skip across our line and get us on the edge or letting somebody just put the ball down from dummyhalf is just a drop-off in focus.
There's something hugely satisfying about watching a stone skip across still water.
review y ony With tongues firmly in cheeks they skip across continents taking in car chases, gunfights, private jets, doublecrosses - even an exploding toilet.
It is something you and another will have to be honest about, rather than skip across the surface.
The fact that the pot addled pair stole two bags of ice from a supermarket and took them to the canal to release them into the wild says all you need to know about the comedy on offer in The Big Issues tour - all delivered without a single skip across the stage - despite the ironic pleas from the Cardiff crowd.
To pass muster as a member of the floating paparazzi, a boat has to be stable when running and have enough deadrise at the stern to slice through the big-lake chop rather than skip across the top like a flat rock.