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We did see nine landing gear failures--about half were the result of a one-time hard landing or striking an object during skiplane operations.
It was this vision that led the company to design AKOYA, the amphibious skiplane that not only lands and takes off of solid ground and water, but can land and take off on snow too.
Quickly draining her cocoa, Berit jumped out of the truck as the small skiplane landed downriver from them.
Some training providers offer skiplane flying when the surrounding water freezes.
It included properties that could be added for a particular flight that ran the gamut of aviation operations from skiplane takeoffs to aerial refueling, yet we could not figure out how to add aircraft category and class information.
Seeing a combination of guns and Aboriginal ceremonies for animals, Cree speakers and power saws, complex Aboriginal rules for managing hunting territories and skiplanes gave him another perspective on the nature of contemporary Aboriginal cultures.
In 2001, Wasaya received economic development funding from the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development to help expand its charter service to include float planes and skiplanes that can land on water and snow in remote areas.