skive off

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w>skive off

vi (Brit inf) → sich abseilen (sl), → sich drücken (inf)
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MILLIONS of people are expected to skive off today to watch Andy Murray's Wimbledon semi-final.
ENGLAND new boy Charlie Austin used to skive off work as a bricklayer to practise his shooting skills, his best pal has revealed.
What a difference today; schools closed after 3cm of snow for health and safety reasons; very few people capable of clearing their own driveways and access roads and a good reason to skive off work.
One of these, Precious Litt le, was a huge Afro-Caribbean who ran a coffee kiosk but hid her wares so she could skive off to shop as she sang Bible Belt hymns.
Seems to me most of the services just use the weather as an excuse to skive off.
A poll of 3000 British staff by Moneysupermarket Shopping found that one in 10 workers in the UK plan to skive off.
And if they dodge the placement or skive off they will lose three months of Jobseekers' allowance.
Meanwhile, Belle convinces Will to skive off school so he can keep her company when she tries to pay Lisa a visit in prison.
A STUDY of 1,920 employees in the UK has revealed that the number one reason men skive off work is to spend some quality time with their games console, with a third of all sick days, genuine or not, resulting in time spent playing video games.
Tax-payers are coughing up for lazy lags to enjoy pay-outs at Easter, Christmas, and other national holidays, while they skive off work.
Birmingham and the West Midlands will be hotter this week than many Mediterranean resorts, but employees tempted to skive off work to soak up the sun are being warned they could be found out by new technology.
Tamara Tootle of Florida was caught charging lazy students a dollar a day to skive off PE - but still get a 100 per cent mark.