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1. Any of several large predatory seabirds of the genus Stercorarius, especially the great skua.
2. Chiefly British Any of several of the smaller seabirds of the genus Stercorarius.

[New Latin, alteration of Faroese *skūvur, from Old Norse skūfr, tassel, seagull.]


(Animals) any predatory gull-like bird of the family Stercorariidae, such as the great skua or bonxie (Stercorarius skua) or arctic skua (S. parasiticus) both of which harass terns or gulls into dropping or disgorging fish they have caught
[C17: from New Latin, from Faeroese skūgvur, from Old Norse skūfr]


(ˈskyu ə)

n., pl. sku•as.
1. any of several large, brown, gull-like predatory birds of the genus Catharacta, related to jaegers, esp. C. skua (great skua), of colder waters of both northern and southern seas.
2. Brit. jaeger (def. 1).
[1670–80; < Faeroese skū(g)vur; compare Old Norse skūfr tassel, tuft, also skua (in poetry)]
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Noun1.skua - gull-like jaeger of northern seasskua - gull-like jaeger of northern seas  
jaeger - rapacious seabird that pursues weaker birds to make them drop their prey
Catharacta skua, great skua - large brown skua of the northern Atlantic


[ˈskjuːə] Npágalo m


nSkua f, → Große Raubmöwe
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Little Gulls and Pomarine Skuas were seen at some watchpoints, and a Long-tailed Skua was off Bardsey.
The picture above shows two Pomarine Skuas still in the high Arctic last week, so there's plenty time yet.
Using semiactive radar guidance, the Sea Skua is a much shorter-range weapon compared to the Exocet, with a reach of approximately 25 km (13 nm).
Luke's aircraft is part of 815 Naval Air Squadron based in Somerset and can perform a wide variety of roles including search and rescue, launching Sea Skua Missiles and Sting Ray torpedoes and chasing drug-running speed boats across the trafficking area that is the Caribbean Sea.
They usually sneak out of the nest under the cover of darkness to avoid predators such as the black-backed gull and the great skua.
The seemingly small change could have disastrous consequences for a number of species that feed on the lemmings, such as snowy owls, Arctic foxes, the long-tailed skua (a seagull-like bird) and the stoat (also known as the short-tailed weasel), all of which could have further effects on other animals later this century.
It will replace the UK's Sea Skua, a lightweight anti-ship weapon system for fast helicopters that has been used since the Falklands war.
Indeed, from 1973 to 1975, he returned every summer from April to September to the Scoresby Sund area of East Greenland, where he continued to study birds, especially the long-tailed skua (or long-tailed jaeger), as a doctoral project.
The development includes the Montara, Swift and Skua fields, which are found in the Ashmore Cartier permit of the Timor Sea within the AC/L7 and AC/L8 production licences.
Less famous types of aircraft like the Fairey Fulmar and Blackburn Skua held the line during the first two years of action, yet today remain unknown except by enthusiasts.
Para protegerlos de sus depredadores --pajaros skua y locas leopardo--, los pinguinos forman un circulo y colocan a las crias al centro mientras los mayores ahuyentan a los intrusos a picotazos.