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tr.v. sky·jacked, sky·jack·ing, sky·jacks
To hijack (an aircraft).

sky′jack′er n.
sky′jack′ing n.
مُخْتَطِف طائِرات
únosce letadla
únosca lietadla
hava korsanı


[ˈskaɪˌdʒækəʳ] npirata m dell'aria, dirottatore/trice


(skai) plural skies (often with the) – noun
the part of space above the earth, in which the sun, moon etc can be seen; the heavens. The sky was blue and cloudless; We had grey skies and rain throughout our holiday; The skies were grey all week.
ˌsky-ˈblue adjective, noun
(of) the light blue colour of cloudless sky. She wore a sky-blue dress.
ˈsky-diving noun
the sport of jumping from aircraft and waiting for some time before opening one's parachute.
ˈsky-diver noun
ˌsky-ˈhigh adverb, adjective
very high. The car was blown sky-high by the explosion; sky-high prices.
ˈskyjack verb
to hijack a plane.
ˈskyjacker noun
ˈskylight noun
a window in a roof or ceiling. The attic had only a small skylight and was very dark.
ˈskyline noun
the outline of buildings, hills etc seen against the sky. the New York skyline; I could see something moving on the skyline.
ˈskyrocket verb
to rise sharply; to increase rapidly and suddenly. Housing prices have skyrocketed.
ˈskyrocket noun
a rocket firework that explodes in brilliant colourful sparks.
ˈskyscraper noun
a high building of very many storeys, especially in the United State.
the sky's the limit
there is no upper limit eg to the amount of money that may be spent. Choose any present you like – the sky's the limit!
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SEATTLE - The man who packed the parachutes used by infamous skyjacker D.
11, 2001, Zeman, who was the Czech Republic's prime minister at the time, claimed the skyjacker Mohamed Atta had met with senior Iraqi intelligence in Prague in April 2001, thus supporting claims of an Iraq connection to al Qaeda.
Dial H-I-S-T-Q-R-Y, 1997, the work that introduced the artist at Documcnta X that year, deconstructs the figure of the skyjacker as both the ambiguous revealer of geopolitical issues and the romantic icon given as a pretext for a media reappropriation, a seductive detournement.
Once the passengers realize that the scary possibility of a skyjacker is only a false alarm, loud and disorderly laughter breaks out among them.
BULLETS, BOMBS AND FAST TALK: TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF FBI WAR STORIES comes from a former hostage negotiator and SWAT team agent, and often reads like fiction with a vivid memoir of how the author rescued hostages from gunmen, saved passengers from a skyjacker, and helped calm a prison riot--only a few of his many real-life encounters as an FBI agent.
Right after 9/11, Woolsey went off to Europe, returning with an unnamed source's dubious claim that he had observed a meeting between Mohammed Atta, the lead 9/11 skyjacker, and an Iraqi agent in Prague.
In ``Without a Paddle's'' case, it plays out like some kind of screwy ``Deliverance,'' as three pals (Seth Green, Matthew Lillard and Dax Shepard) take a trip into the Oregon woods in search of the $200,000 stolen by skyjacker D.
They are happily reminiscing in their childhood tree-house when they find Billy has left a map tracking the money stolen by skyjacker D.
If you are looking to improve the performance of your suspension, or if you want to fit a bigger, more aggressive tire underneath your rig, Skyjacker may have your answer.
A British businessman who was among the passengers held hostage by a skyjacker arrived home yesterday and spoke of his ordeal.